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  • Btw, Mega Metal, if you're still trying to get your prize pokemon, Cipher is available now. :)
    Yup, that's fine. ^__^
    I'll probably be available sometime in the evening. (I'm on Central time)
    *poke* I still need to trade you, don't I? Big Sis for your Sneasel, right? Just VMing 'cuz I'm on and I saw that you're on.. ^__^;
    Hi, just letting you know something about the CP you told me, the spreads will mostly be Female, so do you want any other NickName?, VM me back, thanks!
    Yeah, ill see you at the finish line. There we can have a good clean battle on even ground, with nothing but our own ingenuity, and motivation to win! :)
    Right Rival?
    They were, but i had Floatzel, Crobat, and Ludicolo, which are all OU in the rain.
    I would like to fight you on even ground. Do you OU at all...?

    I looked at the strategy dex, and they are ou in the rain... :(
    My fault.

    And plus, i really dont care about battle records anymore. Nothing will change my 2:1 ratio anyway. And it feels good being chivilrous! :p (did i spell that right? )
    No...i dont have to go.
    I just thought it was an unfair victory for me.
    I warn you, this is my first semi Uu battle.
    I haz like 6 UU pokemon! XD
    I am a veteran battler in OU.

    So be prepared to win
    I feel so lucky XD! I clicky wrong button and i get freeze hax!
    Thats fine.
    I use rain dance, u use swords dance, i use taunt, and u kill me with ice punch
    Was that you...?
    Lets recreate the battle then.
    I am using 1 OU
    Oh, and skip the wynaut! Lets battle!
    And i mighr DC cuz i have to leave soon, ok?
    I ran out of clones of scrap. T.T
    So i just picked random clones i had lying around. You can keep them of course!
    With darkchocoboz? Good luck!
    I was angry with him earlier. But now i am not. I think i am bipolar. :p
    All right, i am ready.
    And dont worry about being greedy. Ill put in 5 Credits.
    I am going to update my shop tonight so you can take a look.
    What FC do i use?
    Ill try to use some UU, but i mainly OU.
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