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  • Hey, I'm having some issues with RNGing and I believe them to be much in the same vein's as Riski's as she posted here -

    I followed what was said, however, I am just getting arbitrary spreads.
    What I did was verify each call as each was said to make sure the sequence was correct, then one frame before my desired one I stopped, exited quickly, and picked up my egg. I have even done this assuming I put in the parents wrongly and swapped them around to make sure, I have hit the spread about 3 times and tried the same method each time.

    Do know what I'm doing wrong? (Sorry to post this out of the blue, but I am at my wit's end).

    (Something I posted on someone else's VM page, if you could give me any help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.)
    Hey Mega Metal :0 Can I still pick up the Stantler from your Christmas Giveaway? lol
    Your also a distributor for LeoMence's Giveaway. If you happen to have the Jolly Mew, that would be awesome :D
    Ah, okay, I have enough copies from my other distributors so just go ahead and help with the distribution, there's no need to get back to me with my clones. Enjoy the Riolu, Vap and Zap ^_^.
    Okay, great; drop me a VM with the details of what you'd like and meet me on wi-fi ASAP.

    Not to be a... uh, dick (for lack of a better term), but a lot of trust is going into this as I'm trading you the originals to clone, so please uphold your end of the bargain. I've seen your trade thread and you seem quite trustworthy, but if you take anything permanently I will report you to blacklist. (sorry to sound so aggressive, really).


    Note: Also, what FC would you like me to use, you have, like, 3.
    Hey there man. I'm just battling and saw you in wifi. Can you trade for the giveaway after this battle?
    I just finishing repairing my thread. Hope ou like the new look.
    Ill start on the pokemon tonight, and finish by friday-sunday

    I hate retarted people at my school (not actually retarted, but act like them)
    They made accounts here, and harass me... :(
    They are: benDOVER, and Digimon Demon.
    Final Exams?
    Lol just wait... I have soo many pokemon to update... :(
    If you don't mind me asking, why?
    And btw, I still owe you 5 credits!
    So I am updating soon, and I have a freak load to update...
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