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  • Hello! For the Dark Horse Project, could you please put both Deoxys-D and Mienshao in your Registration Form (i.e. one post). That makes my life much easier!
    You made a good explanation that ought to be on your nomination post. May you talk about that Pursuit-trapping tidbit and include the actual offensive Rotom-W set in your post? Thanks.
    god i love that thing. i can't tell you how many gliscors / slowbros / tangrowths have switched in, or how many deoxys have taunted me, only to get draco metereored in the face.

    one major change i made is hp fire > shadow ball on reuniclus; it is amazing, the amount of scizors you'll fry is unbelievable. s-ball was really rare, since most of the things it hit (lati@s, other reuniclus) are trapped by scizor
    lol i peaked 1501, which is the second-highest i've ever gotten on ladder
    hey i've been using your public enemies team (hope you don't mind!) and i really like it. i can't post in the thread since its been several months but i think you might want to try running scarf rotom just because infernape's kind of a threat and the speed is helpful
    yeh lol u2, although i dont think it does anything apart from possibly allowing us to post in policy review
    yo it said that ur inbox is full and u have to make room so im vming the reply,

    ehm gliscor and scarftoed check whilst being offensive but that rules out kingdra, also inner focus baloon lucario for those flinches, azumarill, but i think bulk up conk would be good especially along with tr reuniclus, everyone says conk is declining but he is still beast and because of that people are less prepared for him.

    Ur back at school already? O_O I go back in 2 weeks, when did u get off?
    okay thanks here is my team-
    volcarona flamethrower,bug buzz, quiver dance, hurricane
    klinklang shift gear,volt switch,gear grind, return
    skarmory b bird,roost, spikes,whirlwind
    serpirior Light screen,giga drain,reflect,leech seed
    heracross shadow claw,CC,megahorn,feint
    zoroark night daze,focus blast,dark pulse,flamethrower
    Thanks a bunch, I'm going to try to remember these for my next RMT. :)
    Hey I saw your Call of the Wild team, and was wondering where you got those pictures, they're really great. :)
    Thanks. :)

    Have you used it? It's pretty good in practice if you just keep on attacking and set up when you feel the opportunity is right. :D
    No, but I do play UU quite a lot now. You should try it out. The metagame is balanced and is the prefect environment for gimmicks.
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