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  • For a little help with team building, Google search "Beldum Laboratories". This is the route to go if you want to try and figure things out for yourself.

    I would link you if I weren't on my Wii. If you use it, but need help understanding it, VM me. Trust me, it's not all that hard if you already know the basics.
    Its like a messaging site thing. Its kinda hard to describe but like I said we can use PO's messaging
    Do you have IRC? If not we can just use PO's messaging thing which is like Aim
    If you're still looking for someone to teambuild with I'd be more than happy to do it with you :)
    that explains why is was so hard for shaymin to beat it
    and toteah it ST you have to tutor it in Gen. III
    But you need better walls in my opinion...
    I like hypno very much now though... Never thought of him as a good pokemon.
    Fyi, the swampert was evd 252 SpD...its relaxed.
    No one ever expects my pokemon.
    They always jump to conclusions/ assume haha.
    Good game, but sorry, i have tonsleep! Xd
    I guess i am mistaken by the seismic toss thing.
    You want me to ttry and get it for you?
    Wow. For some reason i am unusually lucky... XD
    I am always unlucky
    Yah. I have a dusknoir from emerald with seismic toss. Its amazing.
    And a shiny togepi with tri-attack... :) from XD Gale of darkness.

    They are beastly
    All right, i will be waiting.
    Btw, i got really lucky with my "Ghost" surviving a Night slash...
    I couldnt believe it.
    Want to have another go?
    Ill be using diffrent pokemon! :)
    Still OU, btw.
    No problem.
    I wanted to see how far i could go lol
    Ok, ill be coming in to battle!
    Sorry for waiting... :(
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