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  • Why is Neonuke in Nova Security? Wasn't he all just like "Your going down! I'm going to kill all of your teams and blah bla bla!"
    Well it seems their is chaos again when i return i am going to unload Team Keyblades Hidden Weopon. Ive been keeping this hidden until the right time since their is so much chaos and i dont know who to trust (besides you and maxie and maybe PLC but he has his own agenda). I think it is the right time to reveal it but first i need you to get the group active again with that i can launch this plan it is time for a new Team Keyblade a more powerful and dominnant one you and i need to keep our groups together though Maxie has grown too big and has no use for such a close alliance and you are the person I trust the most after him (maybe even more) but you must promise me you will keep BS in check. He has been a thorn in my side for far too long and have let this feud drag out too much but we need new Fresher ideas i am Making a new thread in TK discuss those ideas their
    I don't follow - he only did it once, if this is true, he'll be an alt, so when we report them, they'll check and realise they're alts, banning them all. Easy as pie...
    The latter is exactly what I suspect. The story doesn't add up with the facts of the past. How shit's getting leaked, I don't know how to explain that. Perhaps it's a new form of annoyance from the troll-mods.
    Because NeoNuke is BullShitting - I've profiled him and any potential threats, the groups won't be bombed - besides, even if it was, we could call it flaminng and get them all infracted - I don't have a worry about this, it's false info. You know that very well...
    one: I don't care, but as long as you own a group, you will not be assisting me
    two: Because TRC is a major enemy of Aero, you being in it hampers your ability to be trusted
    three: This goes beyond that mere culprit in the science Division. That's already been solved, NeoNuke is also lying, he doesn't have spies in any group. Finally, my Spy network is multiple times more ingrained than he claimed his was...
    Sounds like a load of shit meant to induce paranoia. Whoever this is has the agenda to a: bring us crashing down out of fear(which would be unacceptable), or b: is attempting to get the teams to unite in the face of a perceived incoming threat that will never arrive.
    And I do not recall anyone from Bulbagarden who could possibly fit the description of the supposed leader of this movement, which probably doesn't even exist.
    I quit Nova.

    It's too inactive for my taste, and I just have a very bad feeling about the group in general.
    TBH I can only think of one possible "incoming threat," but it's pretty obvious that I would get no support from Nova on it.
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