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  • Battlestar's been pissing everyone off, not just me. 3 out of the 4 TRC execs have been fired or quit, and he basically caused the formation a whole coalition under the Triumvirate that wouldn't be too upset if TRC were to end.
    Hi, i'm just starting out and wuld like to be what you would call a mercenary. I am trying to get a jb at organization 13, but I'm not getting much luck. If there is any problem, I'm willing to help!
    The SUMC has begun an RPG. Come join it. It's not too late to sign up. Also, you can play several games, like "I have never" and help us kill the "STUPID WEEDLE!"
    No actually, You will have to beg my pardon, the market WAS open when you made your purchases. My apologies for the incovenience. You do own the stock you purchased before. Forgive the mix up.
    The Trading Floor is closed between 8:00pm - 9:00am. (GMT -5). I'm afraid you can only purchase stocks when the floor is opne, you will have to wait until 9:00am. *GMT -5) before trading. So right now, unfortunately you do not own a TRc stock. You will have to fix that until the purchase is official, or the SEC might catch you.
    With Christmas and a new year fast approaching, I am temporarally removing everyone from STG. I will invite everyone back once the new year is over.
    I have to say that Ariel rock got kicked out of TCD for her in activity, if you remain inactive like her you might be kicked.
    Hello, I would just like to say that your activity in TCD is a little low, please go to TCD and be more active,
    Aloha SS.
    This has nothing to do with the TRC. This is to do with the fact everyone unanimously voted to have KS Re-elected as leader of the Smogon Team Representation. BS then commented that he was "staying out of this" and would not relinquish leadership. As such, I posted the below comment only for it to be deleted three times and haave me kicked. As a result, I have sent it as a VM to every member in the Smogon Team Representation

    this has nothing to do with Aero at all...
    Because BS deleted this three times AND kicked me, I am VMing it to everyone in the STR
    ^third time lucky. If you delete this again BS, you are proving:

    1. you're not staying out of this
    2. You are not fit to lead any group, including the TRC
    -.-' told ya

    he'd never accept it, even if the vote was unanimous.

    I say KS makes a "2.0" version of the group and we all move there, abandoning this group.
    After all, BS is deleting everyone's posts after his, so hes not allowing freedom of speech, proving he shouldn't be leader...
    Look what info I found!

    Chimera Mutagen
    While I don't have any specimens with me, I do have the formula for the mutagen...

    The chimera mutagen, Galactic Plasma's greatest weapon, allowed humans to combine their DNA with that of up to 3 Pokémon, and become a hybrid. However, the change is permanent, and cannot be reversed. In the Orre Region, after GP's fall, a tyrant group called "Black Alpha" used chimera mutagens of Crappy Pokémon combinations, like Slakoth/Slowpoke/Jynx as a weapon, while using things like Garchomp/Porygon-Z/Mienshao for themselves.
    The Imperial Pact is a group made the same day as the Triumvirate. Knowing BS, its purpose is/was to take on the Triumvirate. I'm all for this new overall representation group. I was actually planning on making something like that. But a group that was made solely to plan how to take out other groups...I'm obviously not going to like that.
    And the Triumvirate is to coordinate actions of 3 very close allies. We even have a non-aggression pact.
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