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    Item Assault Vest

    I see your point, thanks for the explanation! Although AV on Mienshao is a horrible choice in my eyes with it's 65/60/60 defenses even with Regenerator, I'd much rather give it a Life Orb to a mon like Mienshao to do extra damage than to give it an Assault Vest, you'd really miss out on a lot...
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    Item Assault Vest

    You're right, I went a bit hastily over the hidden power department figuring it wasnt the most important part but I added it into the description :).
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    Item Assault Vest

    Hmm I tend to disagree as a 1.5x boost to special defense becomes bigger and bigger as the stat itself increases, it's the same with Choice Specs/Scarf isn't it? Assault Vest can allow Special Defensive Walls to invest in something else than Special Defense, might it be Offense or Physical...
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    Item Assault Vest

    I ran a Modest nature on the Regice, meaning it's not SpD boosting but rather giving it more power. So defensively speaking this isnt even his final forme, but investing too much in defense will take away his chances of doing something in return to the things it's supposed to wall.
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    Item Assault Vest

    Anyone considered Regice for this? Regice @ Assault Vest Clear Body 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD - Ice Beam - Thunderbolt - Focus Blast - Flash Cannon Regice has a whoppin' 200 Special Defense stat meaning it can leave it uninvested and invest in more power instead. Regice has base 100 SpA which...
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    Pokémon Snorlax

    Personally I prefer a set with 252 EVs in Attack rather than Defense, that way you can use Snorlax to consistently come in and sponge special attacks and retaliate with more power. I'd rather have Superpower for that matter than PuP, but even with PuP: investing in Atk makes it more worthwile I...
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    Pokémon Aggron

    Why run Dragon Tail AND Outrage as only attacking moves on a defensive behemoth that resists Fairy-Type? STAB Iron Head hits as hard as Outrage and doesnt trap you (albeit Sleep Talk doesn't have that downside but still...). I would even rather go with Earthquake than use Outrage on it. Outrage...
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    Other Most Improved Pokemon

    I have to agree with the guys mentioning Mandibuzz, this thing has become a lot better with seemingly minor changes:. Defog and Overcoat buff seem minor things but they aren't, having a safe switch in to prominent Spore/Sleep Power abusers (Breloom, Venusaur, Amoonguss, Roserade,...) is a lot...
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    Attack on Mienshao

    He might be running Reckless, in which case Adamant Band Mienshao does OHKO non-invested M-Garchomp and even has around 50% chance to do so when not running an Atk boosting nature.
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    Tier Shift Metagame (THIS IS BW)

    I am sad we cant play Gen V Tier Shift anymore either :(. Anyway, looking forward to Gen VI Tier Shift for sure! As a weatherless team I do appreciate the weather nerf, although Ninetales and Politoed might drop tiers and thus have a stat increase in Gen VI Tier Shift.
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    Pokémon Avalugg

    I tried the CB set on the ladder (252 HP/252 Atk setup) and it's probably not OU material and outclassed by a defensive set. Sturdy became a lot better now with the Defog buff so it can revenge quite a few threats with STAB Avalance and EdgeQuake coverage but I found it to be not that useful a...
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    Other Predictions for good leads from the new pokemon?

    It's not really a new pokémon but it gained a mega forme: Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl used to be a great lead that got nerfed by team preview but now that it gained access to a mega forme I can see things becoming a lot brighter for it. Access to one of the fastest Taunts and Stealth Rocks is great...
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    Pokémon Hawlucha

    I dont think it's that bad as it would probably rely on Unburden and Acrobatics even if it had Brave Bird in it's movepool, unless it's hidden ability is something that works well with Brave Bird (Reckless for example). For the Hawlucha v.Hitmonlee discussion you seem to forget the positive...
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    Move Fell Stinger

    I dont see any use for it at all on Scizor to be honest. Scizor has Swords Dance to boost it's attack and it will also still prefer the CB set (unless Mega Scizor outclasses regular setups) and this is not a move you want to be locked into. Using a moveslot for a 30 BP Bug Attack is not...
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    Other Viable Megas

    Mega Aggron? Regular Aggron has base 180 Def but was set back due to a bad typing. Now everyone can agree that losing it's Rock-typing is a blessing for a mon this defensive, add Filter to that and you got yourself some hell of a defensive behemoth that will be hard to be OHKOed on the...