I started competitive pokemon in the 4th generation when one day, innocently playing Pearl, I wandered into the wifi room. First match, scarf togekiss. I'm not sure how I found smogon, but when I did, I had a clear mission of revenge. The simulator at the time was Pokelab. Back then, I referred to myself as the player who had never had a noob phase. This is because I read nearly 40 rmts and the DPP analysis page for every last mon in both UU and OU. Even at the end, I could win tourneys with that team at the very bottom of my list. To say that I thought DPP was as good as pokemon gets is an understatement. I played every metagame there and eventually became one of the 33; Those who stayed on pokelab after smogon moved on. Everyone of us was online everyday for the next 6 months, when the mythical admin finally came on and took it down. The community was more perfect than anything else that could come from pokemon, as wild and bizarre discussions, power mad moderators, and weird tournaments ranging from mono colour, random number generated teams, egg move and tutor less, Nu monotype , all BST within 15 of each member of team, VGC (was doubles with ubers at the time), and who knows what else. Everyone knowing each other and what amounted to a metaless environment, leading to you never knowing what to expect something whenever you hit the find battle button were a backdrop to discussion between friends. Soon enough I read up on all the NU analysis as well, and became as hipster as the rest of them. After the closure... Well I had no will to bother with pokemon the RPG, and indeed I didn't like 5th gen much. The giant player numbers made arbitrary rules on discussion and staying relevant mandatory, and it was hard to get to know specific people. I spent most of my time on PO in the mafia room, with occasional appearances in tournaments or UU. I remember running a sub disable team with pursuit support to counter generic rain, which was fun, although it got to the point where so many rain teams didn't know what they were doing that it was like pushing over zombies... no surprises... not interested.. Easy wins are the worst wins after all. I didn't stick around for the transition to 6th gen, as I had other things to do, and pokemon being pokemon was no longer enough for me. A few years later. I got mind numbingly bored, fired up smogon, and followed the link to pokemon showdown. One room wanted to test my ethical values by making me watch el mamut chiquitito, and well, it's hard not to get attached after something like that. Now I'm "that psychotic guy" who hangs around the monotype room.
Mar 31, 1996 (Age: 27)
Real Name
Edward Oakley
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
Somewhat vain