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    Tournament Ubers Premier League IX - Finals (Won by DaReal Drizzlers)

    well i did promise an appearance if drizzlers made finals... hello everyone, im alive and well. i've heard many things through the grapevine during retirement and it seems things have been pretty busy around here - ss looks very different to when i left and im proud to see that it happened with...
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    everyone's kind words are much appreciated

    everyone's kind words are much appreciated
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    Announcement passing the torch

    hey folks, i got some news! let me reminisce a bit first though. its weird to think that in 2013 I found PS from a youtuber's video on the ubers ladder and it brought me all the way here. i joined the related PS room and posted nonsense like everyone else and it wasn't so long after that i got...
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    Looking at Baton Pass/Evasion in BW Ubers [Resolved]

    Deadline has passed, results are in... 64 Squares SiTuM Blim Carl Murray Pohjis Chill Shadow March Fires Melle2402 ZoroDark Alex Walls dream Aishia Sitonai zf Kebabe Hack watashi PROBLEMS Corazan Serga Enable: 10 Do Not Enable: 2 Total Pool: 12 % = 83% Evasion Clause will be enabled in...
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    Looking at Baton Pass/Evasion in BW Ubers [Resolved]

    We're about 4 hours from the deadline yet some things need to be said. At the moment I only have 9 out of 20 eligible voters. The new voting standards say that those that don't vote past the deadline are effectively eliminated from the pool, but when I don't even have 50% of the total pool I...
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    Looking at Baton Pass/Evasion in BW Ubers [Resolved]

    Apologies for the huge delay in getting to this, my limited time went to SS related issues and the folks I was working with on this were just as busy. I want to go over a few things first before covering the plan. side note: if you read this and think "hypocritical, considering DPP Arceus", I...
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    Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 4 - POWER (Dynamax Banned)

    Dynamax is now banned. Feel free to use this thread to post thoughts on the post-ban metagame until a better thread for it comes up. We expect the metagame to stablize a lot easier and will look to start subforum projects and tournaments such as Most Wanted 2 during December. The Ubers...
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    Sword and Shield Tiering Announcements

    Ubers has banned Dynamax via suspect test.
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    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    Ubers has now banned Dynamax
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    SS Ubers Stage 4 - Dynamax Voting

    We're already beyond the point of no return, so i'm going to call it. Ban: 106 Do Not Ban: 16 97 ban votes were needed to hit the threshold, which means the remaining votes cannot change the result. With a supermajority vote of 86%, Dynamax is now banned from SS Ubers! Tagging one of Marty...
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    Metagame SS Ubers Stage 4 Voting ID Thread

    The voting thread is live! Head on over to the linked thread to cast your vote. Note to first time voters - please read the OP to understand how the vote operates to avoid any issues.
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    SS Ubers Stage 4 - Dynamax Voting

    Voting on Dynamax Maple Icemaster Doom desires Guardsweeper Fogbound Lake Holy Ghost LeBarBURR Mysterious M Geysers FrostMC29 TrueNora Shuwri Fc04 SiTuM Lazy_bread27 spanishlines steelskitty FleurCannon Eledyr Alternatif Acselsior13 Staxi ThelordofbadRNG Exiline SparksBlade Maxomega Skysolo...
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    Marshadow [QC: 2/2] [GP: 1/1]

    QC 2/2 (sorry for delay)
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    Metagame np: SS Ubers Stage 4 - POWER (Dynamax Banned)

    I've deleted a lot of offtopic discussion posts here and want to clarify two things: 1 - The reasoning behind no longer doing the Dynamax Clause or any sort of complex ban on the mechanic has been covered extensively, even in the very OP of this thread. There is no excuse to be oblivious as to...
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    Resource Ubers Old Gens Hub

    The impact was minor and when asked, I told them. Whenever it came up in conversation, I mentioned it. My intent wasn't to hide the change, its just I couldn't find the appropriate place to announce such a thing at the time. I opted for spreading it via word of mouth, but that's far from perfect...