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  • more than worried I'm intrigued: two girls, one of which is perfert and can influence the other :hell:
    Did I mess up the english? xD But yeah, I have a pervert friend thats a super bad influence on me ;___; (she's a girl too so don't worry to much)
    I just joined the Italian smogonites group haha I didn't even know it existed until now otherwise I would've joined earlier! :D thanks for the invitation negator ;)
    Oh noe, you didn't preserve it ;__; But of course I'm pure and innocent so it doesn't matter :) I don't even know what made me do that association in the first place, must be somebody else fault :O
    Ahah xD
    The perfect Number? :D
    mmm I should stop all pending/incoming requests to preserve it xD
    And who is the number 69 from this list? :P *0*
    @Conal: you're right! I forgot that was the real name of the Detective :O

    @Rename, I like it a lot as well :3

    @Underworld, well I'll pm you

    Not sure what you're referring to... xD

    PM me if it's something we discussed privately
    ma ti pare, è sempre un piacere, ci vediamo (speriamo presto) x nuove lotte .D
    Instead I'm trying to become a better battler D:
    This is how it can become endless... :S
    Fuck, you have the reason, my game is gonna explode xD
    But shit man, this game is so fucking addictive ;_;! the only thing that can stop me from playing it is that nintendo stops releasing new pokemon games hahaha or that they don't add more ingame boxes :[
    lol :D
    Smoke was so smart, cute, vengeaful and smart :'(
    The best kitty I ever had :'(

    I'm going since a while to make some regular pics arund my valley just to show how much green surroundes me :P
    *testing new features*



    Errm...yeah. Hi Negator, thanks for the friend invite!

    Italy covered in snow is beautiful and that kitty looks evil in the first picture, lol. :O
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