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  • yeah, I just got home. Is there anyway you can battle on Showdown? I've been in a breeding chain for three days now
    If you'd like, join me on Pokemon Showdown. I'd like to show you something.
    Again, that wasn't really the issue. It was plays like bringing in Ttar against Groudon when Ttar is weak to Earthquake, while Gliscor is immune. Would you like some pointers? Because I'd be more than willing to offer you some advice.
    Sorry--I really did think your team would work well in Ubers. Truth be told, the main issue was some of your plays (Ttar is a great switch-in to Reshiram. Gliscor? Not so much) rather than your Pokemon.
    Okay, well Blaziken and Excadrill are both Ubers, and your team actually sounds like a perfectly viable Ubers team. So I'll be using my other Ubers team: Groudon / Palkia / Arceus-Ghost / Deoxys-A / Reshiram / Scizor. Meet you inside in about a minute.
    Tell you what--let me know the Pokemon you're using, and I'll select one of my teams that I think would be the best match.
    Oh: slight correction--Evasion clause was removed from Ubers. But Double Team spam is still a shitty strategy.
    Standard Ubers rules: species, sleep, moody, evasion and OHKO clauses. But please bring a real Ubers team. I've had people waste my time by agreeing to Ubers matches and bringing total garbage, and it pisses me off. Anyway, if that works for you, send me your FC when you're ready.
    Sorry, no.

    Looking for an Ubers battle, so legendaries kinda go without saying.
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