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  • hey i got your sceptile from a trade on an other forum. do I have any redis on it? (because the guy who gave it to me said that i dont have any)
    Lol. What is the average dealy for getting your desired ID/SID. I wanna try it on my HG or HG rom. I'm gonna RNG the hell out of my 2 when I learn how to do it the proper way :D
    Hey yes I did get mine :D from EB games in Rockingham for $70 each. I also got the book for $23.00 a 10% discount because I purchased it with the game :D. I din't look at any other shops for it because I had to go to the chiropractor.
    Nice :P. I had a few days off last week because we didn't have much work :(. I have to go to bognville AKA Rockingham to pickup my brothers SS, my SS and HG after work :D. I'm excited :D
    I seen a few more errors I made on Gyarados, Kyogre and Togekiss :S. I wrote deadely instead of deadly on Gyarados, on Kyogre i wrote chioce spec instead of choice specs and I wrote afetr intead of after, on Togekiss I wrote tajke instead of take. I'm really sorry about this.
    Lol NU is cool becuase not many people play that tier and don't know what to expect :P. For now I wil do the ubers and Gyarados, Togekiss and Mence :). I will PM you when I finish the descriptions. :)
    Hey Newts I can write up descriptions for you. Just PM me which Pokemon you would like descriptions for and I can get it done in the next 48 hours :)
    So you will receive it in a Pokéball I assume?
    Thanks for the info, I'll CMT for it when I've updated my thread (=
    I seen that Nexus is quite good at it now. I think Romsstar does what I do but I'm not entierly sure. I'm gonna learn how to do it the proper way sooner or later =P
    I have never tried to use Emloop. I can't rng on SS normally I have to use savestates and a program Kazo made to tell you your frame advancements. I'm gonna learn how to do it on a normal cart hopefully.
    Nice :P. I'm not even going to try to ID Abuse lol. I tried on desmume for about 2 hours and gave up. I'm just using a random ID for that Ho-oh spread xD.
    I don't think I can lol but if rayquaza's special defense was it's best stat I would use this spread i found with a careful nature with 31/31/31/31/31/30 (HP Ice 70), I'm gonna use that spread on Ho-oh :D
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