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  • yeah turns out you were right and i was waiting half a second too long, i hit it everytime now.

    Skarm is bred on 5th gen man or i would have taught it roost lol
    Im hitting a second earlier than displayed on the time finder but when i did my parameter finder it said that I should start a second before and I've been going off that the entire time ive been rnging i dont know though let me try hitting it on the second and see if I hit it.
    im constantly hitting the same seed its just not the right one.. i think it has to do with the way i press the a button when i load the game because i have hit the seed before.. im trying different combinations but i seem to keep hitting the same (wrong seed)
    nice as soon as my timer 0 stops fucking me around i will vm you and get on that.. i assume we will share distribution rights?
    I'm going to make my own set. It is going to be a bulk up tank.

    I make a lot of good sets
    I wanted careful sawk trust
    I remember I had one that i used for my magmortar that took me like 50 chatters to perfection but i closed RNG reporter and lost it forever.. this is the closest thing i got plus the seed itself is quad flawless which isnt too bad
    136 chatters roughly, i actually got a scizor in the works but sure ill give the nidoran a shot after that if youd like
    haha true enough... i found the perfect seed btw lol completely flawless every time, as long as i dont gotta breed for HP im set upppp
    Hey dude, I finally Transferred the Pokemon you wanted. Hit me up when you wana trade.
    hatch locations don't matter to me. So can you pick.
    Ok man take as much time as you need. I just want that Bulk up
    Let's just hope Sawk has strong genes.
    I'm going to need you to return a clone of ditto to me if you don't mind.
    If you want you can give it back to me when you bring Sawk to me.
    Sawk is worth 5

    If you want to do mandibuzz I'll give you 5 for that one as well
    I actually have a careful Sawk. Inner focus is ability 1 actually

    Manibuzz is ability 1 as well
    ohhh one more BP I forgot was


    Nature: Naughty or Rash Ability: Chlorophyll
    IV's: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (hp fire 70)
    Egg moves: Power whip and leaf storm
    I would love the fake out scraggy if you don't mind.

    Did you pick out a pokemon you want?
    The main bps and cps I want at the moment

    Nature: bold Ability: Mirror coat
    IV's: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (hp fire 70)
    Egg moves: acid armor

    Nature: Careful ability: Inner Focus
    IV's: 31/31/31/x/31/31 (or close to it is fine)

    Nature: careful Ability: Overcoat
    Iv's: 31/31/31/x/31/31 (or close)
    Egg move: roost
    lol i know the choices are infinite really at this point.. i just bred a flawless hp ice magby.. updating to my thread as we speak

    I might just go back and RNG breed some of my lesser breeds into flawless shinies
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