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  • yeah i was thinking the same thing.. fc's are updated so ill just pokeshift and meet you on
    just updating now.. wont be long now. Would you prefer if i pokeshifted the oddish over to 5th gen?
    Would you mind waiting until tomorrow? I only have 1 DS and my brother has one at his house. I need to use Poketransfer still, the POkemon you want are still in my Platinum version.
    hey dude im back just eating real quick and ill be ready to trade.. my fc is about to change too as im configuring everything to my original ds
    very nice ill take the female if you dont mind for the absol... im just about to get my ds phat back can you wait like an hour ish before we trade?
    alright vm me when your free then and well deal with the scrafty trade, sorry man been kinda hectic today
    if your gonna hang around for a bit let me just finish EV training this jirachi i just got and we can trade, otherwise shouldnt be too long till i have the calmplume
    I have yet to recieve it actually ill let you know when I do though, we have a pending correct?
    Okay well i will be out tonight (I live in the UK so GMT). I will give you a shout when i am in and if you can do the same we can make the trade. I will go hunting to see what i can capture.
    1. I've got to go to work, maybe later tonight we can trade.
    2. I like that your Volcarona is HP ice... the "best stats" you can get for that is 31/30/30/31/31/31, and I think you're pretty much there (lower attack on non-attackers is always the right call).

    Note: I'm always looking for "obscure" RNGed pokemon, so look at my trade thread and see if there are any G5 pokemon I don't have that you'd be interesting in capturing. If the IVs are good, I can assure you I'd want to trade for it. :)

    Edit: Remember female > Male in most cases!
    Yea i can do the first trade now. Dont worry about the Gyarados, im thinking Shiny Charizard Mild instead!?!

    In terms of the IV spreads im good at Adamant, Jolly or Timid as i have those synchronisers. I can generally get very good spreads, but i tend to use low frames to make it easier. The main reason that the Volcarona has a few low IVs is because i wanted that HP on an easy to hit time, but generally 3-4 31's and a couple of 30s is easily do able.
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