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  • sorry ;n;
    it's just that i tend to sleep a lot or have to do things around the house, like cleaning. in this case, it was both of those, plus making this. i also believe that ps! had problems, earlier...?
    thx. Just one more week then I can get back to Casshern Sins and Gurren Lagann !!!

    Oh and during a trip to the library last weekend I got ahold of some manga: Bakuman and Rurouni Kenshin, loved them both and I can't wait to get the next few volumes

    And is Attack on Titan as good as it sounds? Haven't gone to check it out yet.
    creepy? nah, i don't find that creepy. i stalk people's profiles all the time!
    /crickets chirp

    i definitely agree with the sentiment, though i've forfeited a few randbats because my luck was amazing and they would've definitely beaten me otherwise - to me, though luck is definitely a factor, i do feel that one with more skill should ultimately prevail, or it should at least be close. perhaps that's a bit too social-justicey of me, but i appreciate this game for the skill it brings, not for the luck [though i think luck is definitely cool at times]. that said, i'd like some help with my skill, to become really good, and if you are still willing to do it, i will happily be your student, especially since school is mostly over. i'm likely gonna get a job, but that's only gonna be part-time.
    15:24 Ragnarokalex oh dam
    15:24 Ragnarokalex i actually really like it
    15:24 RoyalKevin oh
    15:24 Ragnarokalex you should tell him hes an amazing ostrich

    You heard the man, thanks dude :3
    No my school started late and had quite a few days cancelled. We're getting out on the 28th of June. Well, I'm getting out on the 27th assuming I don't have finals on that last day which hopefully will be the case, but still ._.
    What is going on with this world o.o

    And I was considering watching Another. I already am busy enough with school though and I already watching Casshern Sins plus I found out that Hulu is getting Gurren Lagann episodes up so yeah don't expect me to watch it sometime soon


    well to be more specific the guy in the middle with the white/blue coat. Pretty much all i need is a sprite of him, in that pose, although maybe with a cerulean or cyanish blue instead of that, something a bit more lighter anyway i guess. If you could do this for me I would be GREATLY in your debt, because i have absolutely no artistic talent in any way shape or form, and have been looking for such a thing for quite a while now. Any artistic license you would like to take with colors or shading is completely up to you, just so long as the character concept itself remains close. If you don't have the time/inclination for such a project then no worries about it (the same goes for time, I don't have a direct need for this, so whatever timetable works for you is more than fine).

    Here is his request. middle dude with the white and blue layout if you don't mind
    Hey, I was wondering, since you helped me with my Trainer Sprite, would you mind helping my brother with his trainer sprite? You do amazing work, and you were prompt in any response.

    Thanks, TRG
    But I like it :(
    Plus Relados would never sthu about how amazing it was, so I figured I might as well check it out, and I found it enjoyable.

    Also about Anime Zone, I actually don't think he's a fan of Code Geass lol. He criticized R2 far more than most people did (he stated he enjoyed it but it didn't seem as though he was a big fan of the series)
    Gregor x Cordelia has some decent supports, I tried it.


    As for dancers a lot of expert Fire Emblemers love Dancers since they can allow OP units to move twice in one turn, but I personally don't like them since they're so weak and I find them hard to keep alive. Maybe you'll fare better idk.

    And Anna x MU while not good for in-game strategies still has awesome support conversations and cmon, Anna is such an awesome character.

    Master Seal should be used ASAP since you can always use the Second Seal in case you max out in your current class. Additionally, primary classes (aka classes that have a Master class) get no skills beyond Level 10 anyways. However, all of the other classes get all of their skills by Level 15, including the ones that go up to Level 30 and the Master Seal classes.

    Second Seals are really useful to change between classes. There are times where you might want to change classes so you can get skills you couldn't if you stayed in the class, or if your just hate the class you have. So for example, I used a Second Seal on my MU in my main file to become a Thief, get the +1 Movement at Level 10, change to a Knight, then become a General. At Level 15 I switch to a Grandmaster and then get the skills there, and change back to a General. You can also use them to go back to Level 1 with no stat changes if you hit Level 20 in your current class, which is always nice.

    Also some of the best songs in the game are in the last 5 or so chapters, js (the Boss theme in Chapter 23 and the Last Chapter theme in particular are some really amazing songs).
    Thing about Donnel is that he takes a while took get good. Really, the Villager class's sucky stats are what's holding him back from becoming a really good character, so once you get the class change you're golden.

    So basically immediately after you get him he kinda sucks. If you take some time to level him up a bit and change his class and stuff he gradually gets really good. If you aim to max stat everybody he's about as good as everybody else but since you're going to get him to higher stats before your other units he still is rather useful.
    Lon'qu x Miriel = Win js. Miriel can run around as a Dark Knight and hit everything with magic and Lon'qu finishes the job nicely with a Killing Edge and crits very regularly, and you can always have Lon'qu attack if you're facing something with high Res. The combo isn't that amazing in the hardest DLC chapters, but it's still very good for main story stuff.

    In the file where I had a male main character, I married Anna, because hell yes Anna is amazingly cool. My main file has a female main character so I married Donnel and got a ridiculously OP Morgan thanks to Aptitude.

    The best characters you can get in the game are the children of your marriages who appear later in the game (after Chapter 13 iirc). The best ones, fyi, are Lucina, Cynthia (Sumia's daughter), Morgan (Main Character's daughter and arguably the best character in the game), and Owain (Lissa's Son).

    Also, everyone praises the hell out of Donnel because Aptitude allows him to get high stats very quickly. While that is cool, in the long run he isn't much better than anybody else in the game, and seeing as this game is nowhere near as tedious to grind in as most RPGs, it's not hard for me to grind my other characters, and they all max out with high stat totals. Donnel doesn't have better stats, he simply gets better stats faster, and while that is good if you don't like level grinding, I personally think he's overrated if you're like me and just want a ridiculously OP Streetpass team.

    Oh right, and I'm halfway through DTB Season 2. I still stand by my original opinion.
    Also I finally started watching DTB Season 2! It's kinda like this Code Geass manga I read (Nightmare of Nunally to be specific) in that it is drastically different from the source material yet still very enjoyable by itself.
    And yeah these last two VMs came from my 3DS
    Ugh why do I keep forgetting to get back to DTB and anime in general .-. Anyways, I'll probably be watching either Fate Zero or Steins;Gate after I'm done with DTB stuff, which will hopefully be sometime next week since I'm finally on Spring break (I'll probably finish up FLCL alongside it).
    Normal is pretty easy yeah
    Hard isn't THAT much harder than Normal. The only differences I've noticed are that there are more enemies that you need to kill and I think the enemies are (slightly) stronger.
    Lunatic is basically Hard Mode except the developers put the enemies on steroids so the prologue is next to impossible without playing perfectly and getting lucky (to give you an idea of how strong they made the enemies, the enemies in the very first chapter deal like 12 damage to Chrom with one hit and Frederick can actually die fairly easily)

    Oh and I suggest playing Casual Mode over Classic Mode. Not only is it much less aggravating when some character dies, but it makes it a lot easier to enjoy the game's extra wireless features
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