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  • I don't know how or why vertex told you this...

    But yes it does need 3 QC checks for checking. Trust me on this one, ask any GP member or even QC member.

    The whole point of the 3rd QC check is to check the actual writing itself and see that it says what's supposed to say. What's the point in checking writing that might be deleted, or altered?
    It doesn't need 3 QC Checks for checking and I am just going for as a guideline on proofreading.
    Thank you for telling me of my rudeness on the OU cores board. I will try to refrain from my rudeness and instead suggest some pokemons as well. But not to sound jerkish, offensive cores an be torn apart by Thundurus T; But Lucario+Latios core will beat it (DM is OHKO). And since Dragon Flying is basically the same as Dragon Psychic with Levitate.
    uhh probably friday night, and I'm not really sure when it ends but if you want to we can continue working past the end of the round I have with all prior tutees so if we don't get to something that you really want to learn or if you just need help from time to time we can continue working. b101 is a bond for life!
    I believe that's true. Light Screen and Reflect don't buff the corresponding defensive stat, but rather the halve damage of moves of the corresponding category. You'll have to ask Game Freak why they did it that way. :/
    Hey you were assigned to me for this round of b101, are you familiar with irc? If not we will fix that later!
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