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  • Sorry about that, I should be good for the rest of the night, on Showdown whenever you're ready.
    Sorry I was gone for a while, but I should be available for most of the rest of today, so let me know what time works best for you.
    shoot i see youre not on anymore, but im good today as well. if you get this then vm me and i'll hop on po. i'll be submiting my team soon
    Sounds good to me, thats when I get off work so I'll be on a little after 6:30 my time
    Hey I'm literally free everyday this coming week (finally spring break) so if you wanna set up a time thatd be cool. I'm also free tomorrow and saturday, so yeah. hopefully we can get these matches done
    Yeah dude, i can wait. No problem with that, just hit me up in afew days when youre ready
    Hey, we got paired for the VGC tourney round 2. I'm GMT -8 and I should be able to play in the evening this weekend or scattered days throughout the week. VM with some times and we'll work something out
    Okay then...
    How about around 8 PM tomorrow?
    Getting on has been getting hard lately (see my sig for a hint on that), so yeah.
    No, I'm not making up excuses. I'm just saying why it's hard to make times and all.
    I'll try to stay up for as long as I can, but if I'm not on, ask if a extension is possible and if not, just ask for the activity win.
    Yo, let's meet up tomorrow I'm quite busy today and usually on SynIRC as mw|away so hit me up whenever.
    I figured as much...
    Anyway, my GMT is -4 and I'm on from 5PM onward during the week.
    Give me some times and we can work something out.
    Lol yeah, Flames have nowhere to go but down and the Oil have nowhere to go but up :) (except Columbus I guess) Makes me a very very happy Oiler fan.
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