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  • Lol. Here it's a cracker brand. ~shrug~
    Ritzy also could mean totally glamorous and stylish, though. Like something only really rich people who wanted to show off their money would wear/own. It came from Ritz hotels, I think, since they're very expensive and veeeery nice.
    Hah! Shush. ;p
    Still one of my favorite names, I totally forgot we were just talking about that game. Obv where the impulse came from
    I've just been using Shoddy to test out my teams, I still play on cartrige. I think it's kinda boring to make perfect teams on Shoddy and not bother to actually make the EVs/IVs/TMs etc. Like... anyone can do that.
    Besides, if I play on Wifi I'm probably less likely to get my butt handed to me, lol. And I can trade, so I can actually get shinies. I used to play a game called PokemonCrater which doesn't exist anymore, and I had literally every shiny there was, it was just like what I did. I'm a shiny whore, so I'm gonna be like sweating to make perfect pokes and stuff to trade them away for crappy shinies, lol.
    Lol. I talk pretty fast when I'm agitated irl so I might have.

    OH yeah I played Tactics advance. That was fun. :>
    I hated 10 when it was the latest one but after 10-2 I've been craving playing it again. I mean I wasn't really into the characters or the storyline or anything but it was the first game where all the gameplay like... could give you an aneurism. I had a file where I was trying to do EVERYTHING and I could prob play it until I die.

    We have a gameboy cartrige thing with ff 2 and 3 I think? so I should start playing those too just so I can start the list before 4, lol. RPGs are my game of choice :S Not much into like side-scrollers or puzzle games or stuff like that, but I like watching people play those, haha.

    I also MMO, or I used to back when my laptop worked and I wasn't stuck on this useless comp.
    I've played and beat 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 10-2 ( :< ), and working on 12. 8 sucked ass, and my 5 save file got deleted so I'm still working up the willpower to restart it.

    12 pissed me off... because I kept reading things about people going "hurr durr 12 is so easy I couldn't even enjoy it because it was so easy for me beehh" and I was like "WTF THIS IS THE HARDEST ONE SO FAR"

    ..and then one day I found out that using "poach" gets you items when the monster dies, but you get no exp. I had all my guys set to "poach" when a monster was at low hp, so I wasn't getting exp for half the game and was struggling through all the bosses/monsters. But dammit I did it, lol.
    Lol. Well I would have fell for it.

    I don't know what other people do with their free time if it's not the internet/video games. Like I still take 3 hours to get ready and go out on weekends (when I'm not working :< ) and do etc I think normal people do, but ~I~ find time for games and forums and stuff. Like I think if I didn't I'd just be bored as hell all the time so. :| Final Fantasy and pokemon it is.
    Sorry if that doesn't make sense idk what I'm saying. Lol.
    Lol. It's cause we're a minority on the internet in general for some reason. It's like owning/seeing/petting a rare illegal imported pet. For some reason it's like taboo for a girl to be a gamer.
    Needless to say none of my girlfriends know I play, lolol.
    Haha. Well it's negative attention, I guess, if that counts. Anyway only two people have posted on my page (not counting you) so it's not like anyone is interested in speaking to me, lol.
    Shibaaaaa Roekoeeee, nee serieus lolz :P ik houd hem gewoon bij Fighter nu :P das gewoon echt klassiek ;)
    wut een nederlander? wat is dit voor vage vraag... ik ben optimusje... en m'n echte naam ga ik niet zonder reden spoilen. Gogo english nao
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