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  • Crap... No way I can do it at any of your times, as I'm stuck in school until 5 PM on Tuesadys and Thursdays and at work until 3 PM on Wednesdays. Friday is a big nono for you and Saturday is a huge nono for both of us. And since today you have schoolwork (and tbh, I'm quite busy with PO stuff as well), that leaves Sunday. We're going to have to do it at the time you proposed (or get an extension)... so I guess 1 PM (my time) / 7 PM (your time), at the Smogon server it is. I hope we both can make it.
    Damn, a 6 hour difference might be troublesome, my weekend schedule is pretty busy for the most part. I can play any time on Mondays, anytime after 6 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Anytime after 4 PM on Wednesday, and I MIGHT be able to squeeze some time in on Friday and Sunday, but I'm not sure about that at all.

    I think since you're online now, the best thing to do would be to get it done now... what do you think?
    Hey man, we got paired up for the LC tournament. I'm GMT -5. I hope there's no timezone issues.
    we got the extension for monday, i'll get on early, but please post a time that you'll be on for tomorrow so that i wont miss you.
    Thanks for the recommendation of the Fences app! It's helped me a lot with desktops that don't have lots of negative space / where I want to leave it empty. :3
    im working until 12:30, so thats no good :( is there any other time you can battle?
    in case we cant get a one day extension to monday, whats the latest time you can battle on sunday? any time around 1 pm or later my time would be perfect for me.
    im leaving for work at 12:30 my time, so can you make it a bit sooner? as long as we get one battle done, we can get an extension into the next round.
    do you still want to battle for dOU tourney, or are you still sick? we're running out of time...
    Can you battle in the next 48 hours? let me know what times work for you and i will try to make it
    Im going to bed now, but depending on how busy I am we can battle Wednesday or Friday. Weekends work too.
    the deadline is on friday, but i have lots of free time so when you feel up to it just post a time and i will hopefully be able to make it on
    i cant battle at 11 am on sunday, im not sure why i agreed to that. we either need to find a new day to battle, or if you can possibly hold on for 2 hours i can battle at 1pm my time and 10pm for you. does that work?
    I have been sick lately and haven't been online much at all. I am in +5.5 GMT and am free in the night until about 9pm and in the mornings for a little while, though that only like a 15 minute window. Weekends Im free for most of the day though this saturday is a bit busy.
    sounds good, should give me plenty of time to get used to ADV and the new BW OU
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