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  • Ok.
    Yeah matches are up, your actually in the "match of the round". Seems random number generators really don't like your cause. :|
    Genuinely sorry. That wasn't very me at all that post and it really isn't anything to be proud of.
    Cheers for entering, your number 25. =)
    We might make it a 64. I've heard someones post about it on ONM and a few other places so will see how that goes. Would be nice to get a nice number, probably will then look into bumping the prizes up a bit considering also 7014gree has asked if we need any prizes for the tourney. :)

    So that makes 3rd and 4th place of birmingham part of this tournament, exciting stuff!
    Well yeah I am going to Havak's thing because it's a pokemonworld and a pokecharms link tournament. The thing is I have a slight problem being the day after I go to valencia, so as you can tell, I am a bit like, how do I get from manchester to stansted by 3am? Theoretically I can but, it might be too much of an adventure just before I go away with mates for 10 days.. :(

    Anyway! I do wish you luck there too if your attending, should be fun, heres the tournament topic link:
    Hey Osirus. I might as well also public message you and say grats for getting top 4 and defo good luck for worlds, do us proud! I was wondering also for good practice if your going to enter the PWVGC10? We got 20 entries so far, Havak has entered, I have, tblakey89 (made havaks, kinneas & minijinx's team) is in it etc.

    Plus, an event darkrai and premier trophy is up for grabs. The event darkrai is timid Ivs:31/9/31/31/31/31 etc and a good moveset, so if you're interested, make sure to ask me for a link and I'll link you. :)
    hey dude, how are you? :D Iam back in Germany.... and I truly hope to see you again (maybe at worlds!) i hope you can afford the trip :p Was a pleasure to meet you and i might come back 2011! =)
    Hey Osirus, well done on getting 3rd place :D
    Can you afford to go to Hawaii?
    Do you still have the video of our battle? Dont worry if you dont, I remember all of it :P
    If you can go to Hawaii, you'll probably have to change your team to get far there.
    If you need any pokemon in 4th gen(shiny or non shiny) then just ask me and Ill do my best to get you it
    I posted in your thread, and I'm also interested in

    OT Lee, 51838
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Dry Skin
    IV's: 31/31/31/9/31/31
    EV's: 252 Att/252 Spd/6 Hp
    Moves: Fake Out/Protect/Cross Chop/Sucker Punch
    Hatched: Full Moon Island
    (RNG'd Pokemon)
    Lv. 50
    stupid phone won't let me respond to your pm. :P you're welcome. Also just so you know. . . HE's a SHE. ;)
    are you available to trade now? also can you cmt again for your toxicroak and modest snover?
    want to trade now? my palkia for your gible. Also can you cmt again for the adamant toxicroak?
    Speaking of that i have an upcoming trade in which i need a pokemon cloned its one of the counter coat squirtles in my thread willing to clone me 2 copies?
    hey dude i recall us having a pending for my shiny jolly groudon and your shiny bold rotom? (: if you can clone id be happy to trade now.
    Hello. I saw your CMT, but I didn't see anything I liked, sowwy.

    You can have the Bold Giratina for free though; it's over at my Diamond code whenever you want it.
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