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  • Hey, could you remove "Uriel"'s FC from your DW Friend Code thread? I have both Uriel and Rain, but I'm not using the former anymore as it was in my flashcart and now I have the retail cart as Rain. Thanks :)
    Back wifi idling, I just added your code, for some reason i forgot to sign it into my black palpad
    Can I coerce you into adding my BLack FC and meeting up in the wifi room, I'll be idling for the next 24 hours or so my code is in my sig :)
    I just added your FC for DW and will be idling for the next 10-12 hours or so if you want to register my FC. Thanks.
    FYI if you participate in the pkmn dream world I'm wifi idling and
    my code is 3610 7032 8111,

    I added ur code to my palpad already

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