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  • Thanks man! You have the same online name as my best mate irl which is creepy :o
    hi, i see you are an aspiring gp checker!
    i also see you have been having issues with the diff app!
    The trick, if it's not working, is to copy and paste sections at a time; often the reason why it doesn't work is that the blocks of text are too long! A good rule of thumb is two sets at a time, as that tends to work for me :)
    hey there! I definitely appreciate your enthusiasm for GP and I'll be sure to look over Virizion sometime it's not 1AM my time lol, but just wanted to say that there's no need to post in the GP queue at the moment. as you're still an amateur checker, your checks don't count, and this might be at worst confusing for whoever updates the queue, and at best just clogs up the thread unnecessarily.

    however, please feel free to VM me (or any other active official checker really!) if you'd like feedback on your check, or hop on the IRC channel #grammar to get advice or just to hang out, we'd love to have you :)
    you might want to wait for my check to be implemented before you start your next one. Makes it easier to check.
    umm, we can start now if get on IRC :) if you're on, just pm me on there (same name as here)
    Hey man, where have you been? o_o

    Mind logging on to IRC and tell me how you're doing?
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