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  • Hey, I'm +12 GMT, so if you're only free in the evenings I won't be able to play until the weekend (since that's my morning).
    It looks like showdown is having problems- can you do Pokemon Online?

    EDIT: tried some battles, looks like its better
    I'm on showdown, same name (might not respond immediately, watching LoL tourny, checking every couple of minutes).
    Hey, we gotta play for NU Grand Slam. I'm at +12 GMT, free pretty much any time of the day on any day due to being on holiday.
    I think around 2 pm would be best then- assuming I'm doing this timezone thing correctly. I'll check there 2 hours early just in case I get it wrong, I'm free then too.
    Hello, I'm your opponent for round 2 of the Ubers GS. I'm GMT -4. Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM - 4 PM work best for me, although anytime after 7 PM on weekdays can also work.
    Ok, well I'll be online on Pokemon Showdown or POv2 both under the alt Kitty Purry, so catch me whenever.
    Hey there, we are opponents for the Uber Open I Round 1. My timezone is GMT -5, when are you available to battle?
    Hey, you and me are partners for the Tag Team Tourney. Our first opponents are idiotfrommars and Bluewind. You should check the actual thread for the rule additions that I don't feel like listing.
    No shit really? You're telling this to me of all people? -_-

    We can play BW2 UU on old PO... can you meet me on server: The Valley?
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