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  • Frame 4?
    You have to click the 'Calculate Initial PID Frame" to the top right of RNG reporter.
    Click generate again.
    Find a different IV seed that is of frame 1.
    Never bother with seeds that have anything higher than their needed IV frame.
    So Eggs are Iv frame 8, wild is 1.
    Never falter from that, advancing the IV and PID becomes too much work. Plus you can't keep track of the PID frame when walking in an area with wild Pokemon. So you wouldn't be able to keep track of your PID.
    Go to RNG reporter, set the method to Method 5 PIDRNG.
    Put the full seed into the "Seed (hex)" box. Add a Synchronize nature if you're using or going to use a Pokemon with the ability Synchronize.
    Click generate.
    There will be a column labeled "Encounter Slot." There will be a number, that is how you determine which Pokemon will appear.
    So go to the top of RNG reporter. Click the "5th Gen Tools" drop down. Click Black or White's Encounter Table. Choose the one that correlates with the game you're abusing on.
    Search for Chargestone Cave.
    Look for a PID that has Roggenrola's encounter slot, the desired nature, ability, and gender.
    Sure, I can help. How much do you already know? Where would you like to start? If you haven't started any bits and pieces already...?
    Hey it's fine, I wanted it in gen4. I'm aware that you can file trade, so we can trade like that. As for naming the corphish, there's a 10 space limit on nicknaming so I can't fit Pinklobster.
    But I have to find a cloner, if you can't clone that is.

    And yeah, I haven't chosen yet from your thread, so many good ones to choose :]
    Hey, are you available to trade. Also I currently don't have my AR so can you clone mincinno, and give me the copy?
    Sweet I need the ev'ed scrafty, ev'edHydreigon the non-NN one,the UT drilbur, and ev'ed ambipom. You can Keep a copy of the converted pokemon and get any other pokemon i have from my pokecheck you might want. If you cant do all those just get me my ev'ed scrafty and UT drilbur. Thanks!
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