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  • hey.
    i have to play you for POWC OU (I'm [VoD]Metabeast)
    anyway im in GMT -5. I'm in summer so any time will work for me lol. just tell me when u wanna play :P
    Alright, thanks a ton! Unfortunately I'm traveling and on my phone atm, but I'll hopefully get this written upasap. Just to clarify, the 2nd log was your on-site trick room team? Once again, thanks for being so cooperative with all this!
    Hello, phetto, and congratulations on your win in the smogon tour! I'm GatoDelFuego, and im trying to write an article in The Competitor, smogon's tournament magazine, about each round undergone in the smogon tour. If you don't mind, can you tell me some information about yourself, like how long you've been doing tournaments for, the style of your team you used, and any particular matches you want me to highlight this round. it would be particularly helpful if you could pm me a log of the final match, if you don't mind. Thanks!
    i reopened your team because i feel like you have enough differences (and apparently you feel the same way), so hopefully i didn't offend you with my locking message. sorry, good luck with the team :heart:
    Nah I actually meant half 3... i.e. 20 mins ago :P. If you wanna play now, meet on Groudon's Grotto? Lemme know.
    Cool, no worries :) Though could it be a bit earlier tomorrow, like 7-7.30 or something? I think I might be going out (Friday night etc..)
    Hey, when're you free? I need to play either you or Noodlez by Saturday (as SoulWind isn't available until after Monday) because I am going to Italy then and won't be available until the evening of the 23rd... I am GMT+1 at the moment. I'm not able to play right this second but will be tonight/tomorrow. Is that feasible at all? :/
    sup man when do u wanna play for wcup, we have same timezone so just tell me a time for playing and i'll try
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