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  • Yes. (I think that was a question but I really don't know so if you were expecting some other kind of response I'm terribly sorry.)
    Heh, if you shop around (especially online) it's rather easy to find cheap merch, though I've rarely purchased merch (or clothing in general) online, so I'd assume they can hit you hard with shipping fees! Yeah, when I last saw them it was before they released Daisy - but they played two or three songs from it. The first time I saw them was with MeWithoutYou, and the second time was with Moneen and Kevin Devine.

    I don't have Moshi Moshi, but I just listened to it on Youtube and like it :) I'll PM you my e-mail now then.
    Nice! I'd like to see them again, I think when they played at the Manchester Apollo in 2007 was the best concert I've ever been to. I saw them again in Manchester earlier this year, and it was great, but they were better the first time. Although that could have been because they played all of Deja Entendu in order and that's my personal favourite album by Brand New.

    I never got the 'New Album Demos', I only heard 'Take Apart Your Head' as a demo, before it was renamed 'Degausser' and changed a bit. Actually, the only other songs I have by Brand New (other than the usual songs on each album) are the Acoustic version of 'The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows' and 'Flying at Tree Level (Version 1.0)' - which I believe was from a soundtrack only. The song was originally going to be on Deja Entendu but wasn't kept on there for whatever reason.
    Indeed :) Brand New is awesome. I've been lucky enough to see them live twice, they don't come to England all that often and don't plan to much in the future either. I didn't get tickets for their latest London date though, and sadly that's the only one they're doing :(

    What did you think of 'Daisy'? I quite like it, but I still need to listen to it more. I think I like all three of the previous albums more than it though.
    thank you big Phillllip
    vv I still think you should increase the numbers regularly (vv instead of ^^ because wall posts are backwards!)
    re: your sig, I thought it was serious until now which made me think you were a dumb head lol
    big phil with da shoddy mods and da stark hops. your movin up in the world, son.
    Brofessionals - my Beer Pong Name for Smogon West Meetup: The Stepfathers - Because we beat you and you hate us
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