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  • why is Sonic Lost World (3DS) bad?
    A large majority of the levels are too long and have design choices that make them tedious to slog through.
    Is it just me or does applejack seem to have two ears on one side of her head now?
    Nah, the artist just draws ponies with really big ears.
    Oh nvm I thought the color between the sideburns and back of hair was another ear >_<
    Hey ;) I saw your post in the the Bathroom Horror Story thread, I can totally relate to period problems haha, so what's up?
    Hey cool name.I personally love the original version of the song best.Anyways advertising my social group Teamkeyblade and Our new project the Keyblade Battling League.You will find my concept to be different from other leagues check it out.We have a point system and titles.
    I wouldn't have called you a (BAN ME PLEASE) if I was serious
    hmm...much appreciated heads-up, i may just need to break it out of the box early and unlock Shadow on their behalf otherwise all hell is going to break loose on christmas day when the pictured niece realises she can't play as shadow just yet - is it going to be much work?
    along as its crisis city then i dont care - that has a badass theme, reminds me of the similarly awesome rooftop run but omg dude generations spoilers! i'm gonna pick up sonic racing for my sonic obsessed nieces (she's actually a twin, the other one much prefers sonic over shadow and yes, i have encouraged this obsession from a very young age) and play the crap out of it with them, i have heard good things! which sonic characters are playable? i suspect the rest will be getting ignored...
    further criticism is why is Silver there? his only major appearance was in the worst Sonic game ever - if they wanted another character for the race levels they could have went with Knuckles - holy shit where was Knuckles in that game? Blaze the Cat would have been a good fit too, the Rush games were pretty great. but silver? ughhhhhhh. I like Shadow if it's on the understanding that he died at the end of SA2, any subsequent appearances (sans as Lancelot, was it?) are bullshit in my eyes and only lead me to hate the character.

    so yeah, knave, lets talk Sonic and rejoice in the fact that after Colors and Generations the franchise finally seems to be on the up...also Chronicles? i've wanted it for soooo long and i've just ordered it now so i'm super stoked!
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