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  • I'll be on for the majority of the day and you can find me in #littlecup whenever you get on.
    We are paired for No Johns. I'm GMT-5 and available any time tomorrow and during the afternoon on Thursday. Do you have a preferred time to play?
    hey man what time do you can battle?
    I can battle 10 pm in my timezone.

    this time is good for you?

    if not choice your time
    Or I could play now if you'd like. I'll be on Grotto for roughly 20 minutes to see if you come join me.
    Hi there! I am GMT-5 (EST). I can make evenings (after 5 pm my time) on weekdays (I can play after Tour today.) I can also play at any time this weekend if you let me know in advance of the time.
    Looking forward to the most intense display of skill that was ever conceived by mere mortals: the Metronome Tournament. I am UTC -5, and I should be available late Saturday and Sunday.
    Okay, not to be an asshole, but this is my last check in for the VGC 2012 tournament. Get back to me when you can.
    oh I think we missed each other for a few minutes smh... but I'll be on tonight as well, so if you see me on drop a vm!
    we have to play for adv ou smackdown, when you wanna do it?
    I'm active on evenings and am GMT-3
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but it's been a bit over a week since my last VM for the VGC 2012 tournament. When do you want to do this?
    Hi. We have to battle for the all generations tournament. Where are you on and what generation you like to play first?
    Hey, I'm your opponent for round 2 of the Smogon VGC 2012 tournament. I currently live in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone. I'm fairly flexible on weekends and in the evenings if you give me a day or two in advance. Let me know what works for you.
    that'll probably be around 4 AM my time and i'll be asleep. later tomorrow?
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