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  1. Smeargle

    "The target cannot switch out. The effect is lost when the user switches. Spider Web ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. Cannot prevent the target from escaping with Baton Pass, U-turn, or the item Shed Shell. " Unless this changed in Gen 5, then you're wrong. I doubt it changed too...
  2. Espeon

    You all have it all wrong. Pure CalmPass is now the best set. With Espeon's new ability, it's immune to Pseudo-Hazes (Roar, Whirlwind) and even Taunt. The only real way of stopping Espeon is damaging it through attacks. Calm Mind takes care of Special Attacks, so you get Reflect to take care of...
  3. B&W Research Thread

    Did you mean to put an If in that sentence?
  4. B&W Research Thread

    I just checked this in HG to make sure, I stand corrected. :(
  5. B&W Research Thread

    If Torment is used by a Slower Pokemon in Turn 1, the Faster Pokemon cannot select the move it used in Turn 1, for Turn 2. In Gen 4, I'm pretty sure the Faster Pokemon could still select the move it used in Turn 1. I have tested this against Reparudasu, who happens to know Torment, and is...
  6. B&W Research Thread

    Ah okay. I was wrong about Conversion2 always saying the same message. I was reading only the last word of the message, disregarding the 2nd to the last word which is not always the same.
  7. B&W Research Thread

    It seems like Conversion2 was changed. It says the same message before Porygon2 gets hit by an attack and after it gets hit by a non-normal type attack. If someone can translate these into English, it should clarify the change done to the move.
  8. B&W Research Thread

    Rest and Perish Song works the same way as before. I tested Rest twice, and my Pokemon woke up after 2 turns of being unable to move (due to sleep). Also, I would like to add that when I used Rest, the opponent used Torment. The next turn, I could not choose Rest, due to Torment. I know...
  9. B&W Research Thread

    Acupressure: Does it now work through Substitutes? Yes I just tested this, the Pokemon's stats increase even if it has Substitute active.
  10. Comprehensive list of pre-existing move/ability/mechanic changes?

    You mean if the attack's type is not very effective? So Outrage would not cause confusion if it hits a steel type at the turn it's supposed to end?
  11. Battle Subway Pokémon Data

    Also Jaroda's mediocre base 75 Sp Atk serves to be a check and balance for this combo. EDIT: Take a look at this! 335 | Exeggutor | Mild | Petaya Berry | Psycho Shock | Grass Knot | Light Screen | Synthesis | Spd/SpA/SpD This Exeggutor carries Petaya Berry and Synthesis, which could be a good...
  12. Move Priority

    I'm curious how you guys extract the data, and find out these things :z
  13. Ditto

    Hmm what if Ditto transforms when the opponent switches out, and Ditto's attack gets cancelled? It seems unlikely, but we won't know for sure, until all mechanics about the ability is figured out.
  14. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Has there been any news about IV and EV changes? I heard rumors about it, but I won't be surprised if they were false information.