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  • Yeeeah... I have no interest in the 5th Generation, lol. I haven't battled competitively for over 2 years now I believe? And I never got HG/SS, so. I won't be battling anytime soon, lol. I just wanted to get back online, heh.
    lolhi. Doubt you'll see this for a while considering it's been over a month since you've been online. I know I haven't been on in a few years but... I'm alive, lol. Anyway hope you're doing well in life!
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    sick... and yeah... the nature and info changes when you talk to it... so if you kill it you can RNG it later.... there should be a tab at the upper left (like where all the normal stuff is) and there will be a tab that says Chained Shiny... go ahead and pick that.... and the rest is just like normal....
    ummm... Gyara will respawn after you beatthe E4.... and he is considered a chained shiny... and yeah... sometimes... why?
    yeah... I don't think he's been online in a few days.... and no... I have a few new pokes myself... but nothing that you were trying to get.... btw... whats up with the new name and avy? lol (the old stuff gave you just the right ammount of mystery and secrecy)
    hey man... were you gonna post that vid? just let me know when you do... lol... and :)
    lol... I will be ready in about 5-10 mins actually... and the car was for my ma... I was helping her examine it and talk the guy down.... but I did get her old car :) (even if it is a van....) it's better than a truck that only gets 11 mpg on the highway.... lol
    alrighty. yeah, one in sig. lemme go get my DS and i'll meet you on one sec.
    hey dude, lol.

    okay, which code?
    can you clone?
    and which spread was it? the defensive one or the offensive one?
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