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  • k, I'll see if I stay up ridonkulously late (like I have been doing way too much lately :x)
    Are my screenshots on the voting rights topic adequate? The content seems minimal compared to what everyone else is posting. It's post#51 btw.
    Replied to your rate.

    Edit: Oh yeah, tried out Snorlax, and Counter was really unpredictable: a Zapdos Discharged me then a Hippowdon Earthquaked me; Counter hit Zapdos instead. That made no sense whatsoever, as Hippowdon attacked after Zapdos (and just before Snorlax did to boot) and Zapdos didn't even use physical attacks.
    Hi, I spoke with a couple people about the suspect test and they mentioned that I could get a special app for the current suspect test for the OU(current) ladder. I still don't have reqs for the OU (suspect) ladder, but anyways; is this worthy of a special app?
    Oh, I see what you mean now. My post makes it look like I'm underestimating Landorus-I. I am sorry for that, and will elaborate further in my next post (after I meet req.). I really don't feel Landorus is broken and people are going crazy imo :/ Thanks for pointing this out to me, Pocket! :)
    When did I say Landorus was mediocre? I said the suspect test itself is mediocre since I didn't want to say anything vulgar like bullshit, but I'll edit my post so it's taken more seriously, thanks! :)
    Okay, no problem! Thanks. So nominations should be 4-5 days, and voting 2 days is what I am thinking. I'll get this started.
    Sup Pocket

    Since BW2 is almost over, and we are all like knowledgeable (fart) about the OU meta, I was wondering if I can create a thread CCAT 4!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaa
    Dunno how I missed lucariojr. And thanks for the catch :) Saw Volcarona's EV spread but looked back and saw that Doughboy doesnt really explain it in his post. Edited
    I really need help with a sand team though :P
    Btw does smogon have a trading forum? I want to see if I can get a politoed instead before I start on sand.
    um hello dont delete my shit cos youre a fan of drizzle

    i know youre insanely biased but try not to show it kthx
    Hey Pocket, if you have a moment can you take a look at my Guide to Trick Room in BW UU? I'm just looking for some feedback. But if you can't can you fin someone that can help me out. I appreciate it.
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