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  • I wanted to but it just didn't match up well and matchups pretty much decide this tourney. Actually could have done well against xtra's team, but I thought he would use GS. Sorry :/
    haha yea i was actually using that raikou from your RMT, but I'll change it to the 4 atks variant when i test more
    Hey dude I got your team for #dw and I was wondering if you could help explain some of the strategy behind it. I'd really appreciate your advice :D
    Still using Dragon dance, taunt and Lum berry. Works like a charm, lum berry and taunt get him more chances to switch in and set up, or cures confusion after outrage letting him continue his sweep. Generally if I manage to get two Dragon Dances up and am at good health it GG for my opponent.
    Okay, 1:00 AM it is. So do you mean like the 15th or the 16th as in tomorrow? I'm confused.
    Also: My team is horribly unpolished. I can't find GSC battlers at all. I hope I won't be too easy to defeat...
    That would be great. Could you tell me where you downloaded netbattle? I use PO these days (though we could just do that - that's easy to download, too.)
    This may sound weird, but I remember a battle I had with you in GSC on netbattle back in the day. You used a Politoed, an Umbreon, a Piloswine and a Seaking. My team didn't stand a chance. It was great fun, especially since I saw Seaking actually being useful. I'm surprised to see you're still around. If you're up for it, I'd like to have a rematch some day (meaning another GSC one).
    YO, I know you've been back a while now but I thought I'd be cheezy and say it's good to see you posting again! You were one of my favourite battlers back in the ADV so woooo !
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