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  • Gliscors Nature is Jolly
    Gastlys Nature is Hasty
    Infernapes Nature is Naive
    Move set is Stone Edge Overheat Close combat
    its Evs are the standard mix set
    ill post the Ivs that i know of

    i have a goon scizor
    i have MATTJs Modest and Bold SUICUNE
    i have shiny Lv.2 PIDGEY
    and i also have MATTJs Timid RAIKOU
    I also have a SHINY ELECTIVIRE
    but that one is EV trained 252 in attack and 252 in sp def
    i have a shiny Adamant larvitar Guts

    Newt's Sceptile (male)Nature: Timid
    Ability: Overgrow
    IV: 31/6/30/31/31/31 (HP ice 70)
    Egg Moves: Leaf Storm
    Availability: lv 50 ev trained 4 hp/ 252 atk/ 252 spe

    Flame's Machop
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: No-Guard
    IVs: 17/31/31/22/20/31
    i also have a Machop its Ivs are
    and a Gastly
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    i also have a world 09 weavile
    i also have a Pokemon movie 10 celebi
    i also have a Flawless Infernape and a Flawless Gliscor
    i also have a movie 10 celebi japanese and a tru arceus
    OK, give me like a half hour - I might be trading for some more wish events in a moment.
    How about this - check our your thread, on the first page I say what events I have (including wish/etc).

    Then check out my thread, and see what competative guys you want.

    And bump my thread.

    The moment you have 6, let me know and we can start trading. It might take a while... :P
    Okay, you had a lot of stufI wanted, and I had a lot of stuff you wanted.

    How about this - we'll do teams of 6 until we get bored/exhausted trading, okay?

    Let's start w/ these 6:
    \morning sun growlithe
    pokepark jarachi
    711 pikachu
    pcnyc gloom
    pcnyc crawdaunt
    pcnya shedinja

    And I'll get the 6 of the ones you said you needed from my list (I think you had more events than I did, so you'll get everything you wanted eventually. :P Me? not so much. I'll clone the first 6 events you said you were interested in and meet you online.)

    Bill's Pearl FC: 3911 2948 7526
    thats the only crobat that i have.... its UT event... and the rotom was definately hacked... it only has 3 moves as well. the starting moves it comes with. and no I dont want a compensate. just gonna give it back to you and clone the rest of these. hopefully i dont find out they are hacked.
    i believe the rotom is hacked... cuz it is level 100 and has no iv's... which sux alot because i was hoping to get a USEFUL rotom lol..
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