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  • Hey, wanna battle now? I'll be on PS as Level 51
    Level 51
    Level 51
    ok well scratch that... also I cant play tomorrow until later, like maybe 5PM onwards my time.
    I was in a travel, and i couldnt play. Sorry, can you play on saturday? I will be all the day.
    hmmm something came out and i think i can't battle today. im free all the day on tomorrow and most of the day in the weekend though. ill be on irc as alexanderplatz as well, in #pokemon and #ratemyrteam
    i guess just vm me when you want to battle (tomorrow right? i can play from 19 pm to 1 am)
    yo man we're paired in uu open. im gmt +2 and ready whenever. let me know something
    Hi, my timezone is gmt+2 too, im avaiable tomorrow at 9PM. I'll be on showdown with my forum nick.
    Hey we are opponents for the UU open round 3! School just started for me, so i have been very busy lately (and I am GMT-5) so we might have trouble getting this done. I am free in my tomorrow afternoon, Friday afternoon, and all of Saturday to start. I hang out on #neverused a lot also so that would be a great way to meet up :)
    Hi. We have to battle for the RU Open. I'm GMT -4 and I'm usually on during the afternoons after 2:30 pm on weekdays. Also, I'm on and off throughout the weekend.
    When can you battle?
    Hallo! We are paired for the UU open.
    I'm GMT +2 and I'm available most of afternoons and evenings (except friday and saturday evening). When do you want to play? I am ready, so we can do that whenever you are.
    if possible could we do tomorrow at the same time, something came up and I can't do today.
    Should not be a problem. It would be cool, if you came a bit earlier, because I can't stay that long online.
    we gotta play for POCL Im your opponent _serene. I'm GMT-8 let me know when you want to play.
    Hey, looks like we gotta play for the grand slam, let me know when you're free to play so we can get this done. I'm free tomorrow close to all day, along with Sunday and Monday.

    Why did they have to pair us again =[
    hey bro im going out now but ill be around later if you still wanna battle today / tonight for you
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