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  • Sorry, I'm giving Wartortle to somebody else, they'll get it done faster. Thanks for your help though, it's appreciated.
    I asked you almost 2 weeks ago to update Wartortle, please do it, last chance.
    Hey there, can you finish this for me please. If not, I'll get somebody else to do it for you.
    You should probably make the changes to this so I can do an amateur GP check on it!
    I'll see if I have time. I've got a lot on my plate right now, being NU QC, leader of Chnese Translations, and some other things.

    No guarantees!
    All I'm saying is to be careful when arguing a point, not trying to call you out on anything. Anyway, I'm not going to argue with you, good luck in any future contributions.
    Don't worry about it, just make helpful contributions and people will start to take you seriously. We all make mistakes.
    I'm not going to say you're trolling, but make sure you don't make silly mistakes when you post, such as Curse on a Ghost-type. Just put a little more thought into things and read them better, at least people won't accuse you of being stupid or anything. It's nice to hear an opinion if it's helpful, so hopefully your contributions will improve in the future, we all had to learn at some point :)
    Blastoise owns some people

    Venusaur owns most people

    Charizard owns everybody, including kingcharizard
    why exactly do you need to tell me to remove the word "gay" from every one of my skeletons. Skeletons are just there for content, in the actual write up, I would obviously find more appropriate words. If you're gay and feel offended, don't read it. If you're trying to start an anti-homophobia campaign on Smogon, SMD.
    I'm still really sorry about taking your Emboar analysis :/. I looked at the list of available pokes and it had a big ol' available tag right next to it. Guess I should have looked at the above posts too... Anyway, good luck with your Walrein analysis!
    it's fine, I had the ICBB thing when I was new because I 'insulted another member' apparently. Glad to have helped you :)
    I'm just curious, being ICBB, can you edit your posts? I'm going to start your GP check now ^_^
    Hey, I just had a look at your Walrein analysis, and it's not ready for GP checks yet. Your next step is to write it up.

    Read through some onsite analyses to get an idea of the standard required, then have at it. It will be ready for GP checks once you finish. Good Luck!
    You do know that standered clause includes DW clause as of the release of BW (all dw abilities that havent been released in US are not allowed in battle)
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