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  • I really appreciate the feedback you give to me and others, I know it's time-consuming! Thanks!
    HOLY CRAP i cant believe i forgot you! Though honestly the most recent update is practically perfect. It brings the best of both appearances. I cant think of anything to improve off hand
    Maybe i just need some practice,i hadnt used Paint in a while.

    I was talking about the second one,as it is a nice update to the first,though i prefer the first Mosquito's eyes.
    Hey Quan.

    I felt like giving an answer to your opnion on my (quite crude) entry.

    The main reason my bug is so crude when compared to most of the stuff in the thread is because i lack the resources and skills to make it better,sadly,i would gladly make him smoothier if i could.

    I do have to agree it can feel a bit too forced on the typing though,the black body and overral origin (sack of blood),as well as general appearance can make him look like a Bug/Dark type.

    Thanks for sounding nice though,i am extremely sensible ^^

    On a side note,i love your mosquito...the hair,the head,the wings,those eyes....it looks like it is using Nasty-Plot in that picture,one of my favorites so far :)
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