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  • Yep. There you are!
    IDK. I had an account there. Security is pretty lax, not many people can RNG, and people are into event trading. Its very low key, and Bo-ring.

    Great poke-battlers though.
    You see a lot of hacking, and thus, a lot of hack checjers
    I just needed a manly companion that all! :)
    In all honesty, i think iChrono moved back to neoseeker...
    Ah well. We used to be really close buds back in the day.
    No problem bro. Have you noticed that all of my close friends are girls...? I think thats wierd for some reason. :(

    I need some manly friends. Like you and metalex and UUwarrior and iChrono.
    All that's really needed for RNG Reporter 9 is research. I don't really have the time for that. It's not really in my skill set either. I've been helping a little here and there but I'm more of a programmer.
    Lol good night. I finally found a cool brosef! :)
    So we have bruce lee and law in common. This is shaping up to be a beautiful relationship lol
    Ah. Im mooching off my family. I mean, they told me to stay in illinois. So why not leech off of them? Anyway im doing good in classes. How about you? :)

    Glad there is family. Gotta live em.
    Ill see if i can find it.
    And lol, bruce lee kicks not punches. :)

    Ill never understand why asains get so much credit too. It behooves me.
    I wish i could send you a digital copy of them but i cant... :(
    If you dont mind me asking, how do you pay for your food and neccessities...? :(

    Ah. Its a movie spin-off a that TV show...

    That is true he paved the way for asains, now I get respect for just being alive.
    And now I can back it up since i beat the shit out
    Of footbal jocks who are bigger then I am! :)
    If it werent for him... Well. Shucks, i wouldnt be here!
    Lol. Bruce Lee is MY Hero. Aside from my Dad, and Brock, Bruce Lee is amazing. Ever see Return of tue Dragon? Or Enter the Dragon! :)

    Green Hornet... Whats it about? People shpuld give more homeage to Bruce lee. Like Balls of Fury.

    I know. Sometimes it almost makes me want to turn communist. I thank my lucky stars that I have a good life.

    I must imagine that the infrastructure in Brazil
    Is pretty terrible then. I am saddened that while America lives very richly, there are countries out there who dont have even indoor plumbing. At least youve got that! :)
    Isnt that a TV show with bruce Lee?
    I know what you mean. Corruption. While the rich wage war the poor stay poor. Without our indigenous poor people, the rich would not be rich.

    Im on a mobile phone! :)
    Sorry I havent responded! I just remembered that you were talking to me before. But your messege... Got buried! D:

    Thys amazing. Since I cannot be an astronaut, I am going into tax law. You want to be a business lawyer, prosecutor for the country, justice... What? :)

    I agree. I have been updating like crazy lol. Its a real pain in the butt
    Well, this can probably help you, I think.

    I probably know why, though. After doing a little research, the hex focuses most on 85h. And since 85h = 00,

    00 - Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin (D/P/Pt)
    Hm...I've never had a problem with it I'm not really sure what's going on. I'll look more into it, though, since I'm actually in a study group right now.
    I see...well, I do use Pokesav, but only to extract .pkm files. To be honest, I have exactly no idea how to use it other than the extracting part, so I don't even bother altering it.

    EDIT: For some of my poke's (e.g. Oblivia Deoxys), they may turn out as 'Hacked or Unknown Pokemon'. This is normal, because it wasn't recognized at that time (don't know if a new version of Legal.exe is up, since I haven't checked in a while).
    Um, I got it from a legit wondercard (had the wondercard lying in my Diamond for a year). I mean, everything else is fine...I don't see how it can be altered in a way.
    That is sad... :(

    Thanks. Actually my wedding is in three years :p
    I study Finance, And law. Those are my strongest subjects. You?

    I agree. Out of the million rap songs I like, i only like two.
    1.) Shonen Heart by Home Made Kazuko
    2.) Rocketeer by Far East Movement

    Notice they are all asian, and sing about good things!
    That is way to expensive for such imported goods! D: 78 dollars? Over here, that s 152% Higher then here in america. D:
    That is just... Not cool!
    Ah well. I live in Illinois, and I have a very good living, and i am grateful for that.
    My parents pay for my college. I am getting married. I have a steady employment.
    So life is good for me.

    YeH. Music like that is real music. Not like the cheap crap you here on the radio like rap, which talks about drugs, and sex. :(
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