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  • If I understand time zones correctly (which I don't) are you available now?
    Ummm well actually i need alota help thats why i thought it could be both mine and your trade thread since you have more experience
    Nice. :) Yeah I hope I can get the hang of it soon. Well, I can buy my Black this Friday, finally :P Then I'll do a slow walkthrough, so I can get to know the game better, and when I've finised it, I'll start RNG abusing. :)
    Oh I messaged you too late, but I'm already helped. :) Needed my Rhydon to be evolved :p

    How are you? :)
    Oh I have a question, does sweet scenting advance the frame in B/W, if so by how much? I've asked in the 5th gen thread but I was ignored LOL
    Always better to have the real carts though, Just makes it feel that little bit special. As soon as I get mine, Im deleting my Flash Cart LOL
    That's a shame, Pokemon fans are worldwide and it's just not fair in my opinion :(
    Sucks you don'y get Events also....and VGC.
    HaHa true!

    at least you can get it for Flash Cart/Rom. However Nintendo ares stupid, if hey just released it worldwide at the same time they would make sooooo much money!
    Oh, so yeah having the same import is so important.
    Soon no will want to trade if you RNG is this easy in 5th Gen
    Sounds abit more complicated but yeah I'll be up for giving a shot. I like there are multiple ways as you get a choice and I'm taking the easy way LOL.

    When is it officially released in Brazil??
    Its like we feel horrible at the same time too.
    And lol. You have no idea
    Yeah it kinda sucks about the Pokeshift issue, but then again you get a couple of days after us anyway so importing really isnt worth it lol.

    I'll think I'll be doing non C gear as it easier delay wise, 4th Gen delay hitting was a pain in the ass LOL
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