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  • it just came to me that you did the math wrong xD
    13-14 your time would be 19-20 my time not the opposite, could we do it 13-14:00 your time?
    I can't guarantee anything for those times, since thats pretty late for me, how is about 1-3 pm your time, any of three days I mentioned?, I can go earlier than 1-3 if you need on friday / saturday
    Hey we are paired for the Weather Wars tourney i am GMT+1 and can generally play between 13:00-20:00 every day except friday where you can still play against me between 17:30-20:00 i might be able to be available even after 20:00, but i can't make any promises.
    i'm gmt +3, i'm available today after 8 pm, this thursday any time after 2 pm as well as friday and saturday after 5 pm (assuming my timezone)
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