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  • Yeah I couldn't come on :( was doing something with family unfortunately - we can try again tomorrow though?
    Uhh I'm only on my phone rn ill try to get to a computer well before 3, though so we can then :)
    uhh idk how many opportunities i'll get to battle tomorrow, but i can on like friday and onwards (i'm gmt +8 and i can be on from like, 12pm - 12am give or take time etc)
    I'm also GMT -7, but I have something to do tonight. Can we play tomorrow or Wednesday, preferably after 3:00 P.M.?
    Sorry about this trains took longer than expected tonight. Yeah this isn't looking so good on my part... Does tomorrow work for you?
    Yeah tonight would be great if possible. I saw you on last night at around 7 PM but you had already left.
    Are you ready to play? I'm here this afternoon and evening, just pm me when you're on (I'm here most of the day, but don't call me late since we have 8h of time difference)
    I'll be here from Tuesday to friday, gmt+1, on nights on grotto. I'll wait you!
    I'm sorry I'm not feeling too well tonight. I don't think I'd be able to provide much help to you tonight. (Assuming you can do tomorrow) Tomorrow night would be much better for me.
    Fantastic. I'm GMT-4, I'm also free a lot. Tomorrow or Saturday would be very good, just pick a time.
    You should excuse me but i can be online since 19.30 (my time). However, I can play up to (my) 24.00. I hope that it doesn't create you too many problems. I'll see you tonight (for me) / afternoon (for you).
    Congrats on the GP team!

    Do you actually do your checks manually instead of using the diff app? I've never seen anyone besides me do them in non-bold writing.
    Yeah I'm really sorry about coming on so late I lost track of time. If you're still free tonight I will be idle on PO's server as Grammar Prose. If not I can do Tomorrow or Sunday. Though tomorrow I'd prefer a little earlier tomorrow.
    Hi relaunched
    Thanks a lot for your VM. My timezone is GMT +1 ((hovever, you'd regard to Daylight Saving Time) and I prefer to play on weekend. For example, We could play, for example during the hours immediately before or after the Smogon Tour. Tell me when you prefer.
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