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  • Haha, I feel honor bound to return the favor but I've too much to do in Uni. I don't trade anymore, maybe we could arrange something like you get redis rights to any/all of my poke's that you want?
    I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's not like I'll send someone to your house to break your knuckles. Well, probably not, anyway.
    I say puke because it the color looks like the Pile of Puke in game evar.
    I didnt lose interest i just have no time i would have picked up alot sooner but school and other things just got in the way yes i can :D use my plat fc please :)
    HI RC mind if i ask when can i pick up your Nut munchers (the pachi's) i won from your GA :D
    yea i realize that just said what the hell its just a number, just living it up for now. guess you have aroma... for now ;)
    The Cat you posted in my comment tried to kill me in my sleep D=<
    So I stuffed em...he's on my shelf and I cooked it's inside want some!
    Rnadom Violence..0_o
    Apparently Mr. Darkrai is stalking everybody. He's been a recent visitor on every profile I've visited so far, haha.


    This is like user notes, but with a different format. And posts from the bottom up... that's weird.
    ooo wow he does?

    i hope staraptor loves you too =)

    eee thankies!

    this is a amazing feature!!

    EDIT: Okay, lol...

    To make this so not spammy, RC, can I have Choice Scarf Pinsir with one of my infinity credits please? =D

    No i am not joking
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