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  • Ah. Yeah, to be honest I don't know a ton about it anymore either. I just hang around irc. Not much time to do anything else. Other than the busy-ness I'm doing pretty well. Hope you are too. Maybe someday you'll make it back.

    And thanks!
    I'm probably free after about 10:00 or 10:15PM every weeknight except Thursday, and in addition after 7 on Tuesday. I haven't checked my FC (I don't think I've actually done any trading), so I'll let you know that soon.

    Also, I don't care about renaming; I prefer the Pokémon name itself. So it's Genesect and Tangela for Darkrai and Reshiram, right?
    That's too bad. That's the only one I've missed, and if I don't go get White 2 soon I'm going to be missing the Genesect, too, haha. But you were saying that you got the Genesect event; could you trade that for the Reshiram, maybe? That way I'd be sure I don't miss it. And about the cloning, thanks, that would be great.
    Hi I saw your post saying that we can get a ditto, could you trade me one for 4th gen and one for 5th gen please?
    I KNOW RIGHT?!!??!?!
    Poor guy! D:!
    I haven't seen the latest episode, will be watching it tonight! So excited!
    I just finished episode 4, holy bees! It's insanity! I can't wait till episode 5!
    I did too, I watched the first and second episode back to back :D! It's good, but not the same without Peter.
    1.) AP Macroeconomics
    2.) AP Calculus a/b
    3.) Honors US Government (2nd semester AP Economics)
    4.) Lunch / Studyhall
    5.) PE 4 / 5
    6.) Honors World Mythology
    7.) AP Statistics
    8.) Unscheduled / Internship

    I took all my accounting courses last year, lol. I still want to go into finance though!

    I see. My friend had some renovations to his house. He got new carpet flooring, and painted his house. It costed them like $3,000.00 dollars. .-. I hope it didnt cost you that much!
    Why not get your basement finished also? (if you havent already)
    Lol, I have been doing a lot of RNG'ing... and now I am quitting pokemon after today or tommorow. It depends when Princess of Johto gets back. Sorry. I'm so busy with school that I can't handle Pokemon... and lol. That's great with the renovation!
    Hi, Riki....meep!

    I still play HGSS and I really liked your n00b guide for shiny eggs with super IVs. It really,really helped! But I was wondering if you had something similar from wondercard RNG. I still have a mew sitting there with the pokemart guy and I wanted to get it all 31 and shiny if possible, but don't even know where to start.
    Hi Riski, If I may ask, what flashcarts do you personally use for Heartgold/Soulsilver ROMs/emulators ? And where to buy them? I was also wondering if that's how pokemon from emulators are transferred to retail carts. Sorry to bother you. I have Desmume and Heartgold ROM if that even matters.
    Yep, that's happened to me before. You sound like you're doing well with this. :-)

    I recommend you get ZomgTimer or EonTimer. I had horrible swinging delays using Pikatimer (adjacents that swung a good 14 increments either way past my target). With ZomgTimer, I tend to hit my delay more often. You should look up user ToastPlusOne to find a link. He made the timers. :-)
    Never mind, finally got it! I had changed the Calibrated Second in PikaTimer to a bigger number to give myself a more leisurely process, but turns out it's best just to leave it at 15. Thanks so much for the guide again!
    Oh, I changed the +/- delay in the Adjacent finder to 1000 and that seems to have found it, so hopefully I just need to narrow it down from there. Is that a normal range?
    Thanks! I got past the first part to get the nature, gender, etc., but I cannot hit the seed for IVs for some reason. The adjacent finder tells me no match was found, so I'm really scratching my head. I've double, triple checked and everything should be right. Are there any common remedies for things like this, or is it just trial and error and perseverance?
    Thank you so much for your RNG guide!

    I'm trying to breed in HG, but the latest version of RNG Reporter, 9.81, doesn't display dates in the list of seeds on the "4th/5th Gen Shiny Egg" tab of Time Finder, so I'm a bit lost as to what to do when picking a date and time in the "Seed To Times / Adjecent Finder" window.

    Thanks for any help!
    Things are ok, I am still looking for a teaching job, which sucks, but on the bright side, my son is going to be born in about a month!
    No prob, sometimes you don't want a shiny but you can still get frame one if you mix up the id and sid. Glad I can help :)
    Hey Riski, I was trying to get a careful swampert ( non shiny because the shiny looks horrible ) so i had to clear out the id and sid bar.. however, with a id of 00000 and sid 00000 i didn't get the frame I wanted (they were all even ) so what i did was to enter random numbers into the id and sid field
    id = 12345 and sid = 54321 (i experimented untill i got something that gave me something on frame one ) and I got the careful swampert.

    1. Go to Time Finder
    2. Input nature, ability, gender, etc.
    3. Click generate.
    4. Change the id and sid to random numbers until you get one on frame 1
    NB: As long as the id and sid is not yours then you will not get a shiny
    That's why when the id and sid is 00000 you never get a shiny.
    5. Go to Seed to Time button, click generate, and find the time and date from the one in Time Finder.
    6. Reset time and date to try and hit that seed.
    7. Input Elm calls or Roamer locations and find the seed you hit
    ( Continue normally )
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