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  • Sorry for jumping in there like that in the simple requests thread, but that is a damn good Crees. I have a non-redis Bold one with those IV's and HP. I liked your's alot more though. Hopefully you see something you like.
    The level 10 is the UT version. UT simply means it hasn't been EV trained. Rare candies or day care level ups don't count towards EV'ing. It's level 10 because I don't own an AR so the only way I can make sure I RNGed the IVs correctly is to use Metalkid's IV calculator and therefore have to level the Poke up to accurately check IVs. Sorry if this caused any confusion. ;-;
    I have the same copy as Jiovaine11. If you would like, I can take your coy and feed it the EV reducing berries and trade it back for you. Right now, I'm in the middle of a transaction, and I'll let you know when I'm available if you would like that.
    Its cool, he probably just raised it up to a level so he could check its IVs on a calculator. Thats what I think at least.
    As far as I know that is the UT Mudkip. Kalyx only gave me one copy.
    lol it's cool just caaaaaaaaalm down, and only use the AR if you absolutely HAVE TO. (cloning, items, IV check, etc). HERE'S where I got all my Pearl codes. Hope it helps. :)
    oh it's no prob. I use the iv to tm code only cuz i never found an iv to stats code for pearl. The iv to tm code has some real weaknesses. For example, when your tm's disappeared that was because the poke you checked had a zero iv. That's just how the code reacts to a zero unfortunately. However the tm's do come right back as soon as you check a poke with no zero iv but that doesn't change the fact that you can't check tr poke s. :(
    It's fine. They were freebies for me, so when I have the time, I don't mind sharing. Have fun with them.
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