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  • I'll continue editing this post. Please come on IRC sometime and /query DragonFE :(

    I don't hang around here anymore bro
    Oh, I forgot, you may CMT for free in my shop for helping me out =)
    I've already succesfully RNG't Stantler, Tentacruel, Ursaring and Absol.

    I also tried to do 31/31/0/x/31/31 Tailow but I never managed to land on the desired frame after advancing them. I tried it 6 times so I decided to give up on that =/
    Okay thanks, and yea I will trial and error hehe =)

    But for some reason I just thought that, when I set frame skip at 0 after doing the amount of frame advances I would always capture Kyogre at the right frame because Frame skip is set to 0, so it wouldn't be advancing anymore frames.
    I had a question about RNG abusing the legends in Emerald.
    Let's say I'm 40 frames before the frame I want to catch Kyogre on.
    Should I just pause my game, load the save state and set Frame Skip at 0 and advance the amount (40) of frames to reach the desired frame?

    Nexus said that the frame will advance because Kyogre has to get to you before the frame is determined. (The ''steps'' Kyogre makes to get from the lake to the lakeside)
    *0* someone just said to have capture one for me though
    I'll check if it matches the requirement though :D
    Sorry that 1st DC was my fault, my son woke up and obviously my wifi doesnt work in hs room, but dunno what happened with the HP fire trade =/
    Ok I still have you in my pad, 3781-7033-2781 is mine just in case.
    I have Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice and Fire. I'll head on now :)
    Yeh sure, I will be about 15 mins, I'm at battle 47 in BT so just got 2 more trainers to finish off. I'll VM again when I'm done
    haha its ok mate, let me know when your free to trade and yeh they will still need cloning
    Hey, man, I hope I'm not being annoying, but there are some people who have CMTd in your thread that wouldn't mind a response =)
    Sorry dude, I'm outta comission for a few more days, I have no idea where my DS is, its probably better explained here
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