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  • That would be fine, but it's still non-redis untill the giveaway is over. If you can only be on at random times, just check the giveaway thread and see who hasn't recieved their's yet. I need to find a few more distributor irst though, since I can't clone on my Soul Silver.
    I think I actually got a couple of these off of you.

    Also...The Machop looks like this...

    31 / 31 / 31 / 24 / 31 / 31
    Close Combat / Thunder Punch / Ice Punch / Payback

    I am going to be running a three day long giveaway on that Machop, and distributor's can have semi-redis rights on it if you are willing to help distribute for me.
    Cool. I'll see you on WiFi shortly. Non-redis on these, but you can have copies for yourself. There may be a way for you to get semi-redis on the Machop I'm having you clone though. See you on shortly.
    I know there's a difference between international and non-English Pokemon (all non-English are international from the perspective of a game bought in the USA, but not all international are non-English). Are chances of shinies increased with an international or a non-English Ditto?
    Great, best of luck with the Ditto! And thanks so much for the Spiritomb. :D I don't plan to offer it on my trade thread, but what's your redis policy on it? Totally fine if you don't want me trading it, I just want to know so I don't inadvertently send it anywhere it shouldn't go.
    A Spiritomb would be fabulous! I can meet you on Wifi whenever you're ready (Pearl FC?), unless you want to wait and see if someone confirms the Ditto is indeed international on the Simple Questions thread.
    So I have Syberia's Ditto, which I thought I heard was international but I am not sure it is non-English. I'm happy to give it to you for free if you want to try it, since I got it for free also - if you have any reject Pokemon from breeding projects (good IVs but not the quality that you would offer on your thread), I'd be grateful for one of those. I don't RNG so I'm always looking for good parents.
    i am going to need my rayquaza cloned it would be nice if i could 5 + the one i gave you. you can keep a copy if you want . sorry for the wait my computer takes along time reseting :/ i hope i am not keeping you on. ( i am on my phone leeching off my neighbours signal :P)
    sorry for late reply i am just going to reset my router (hopefully it wont take long xD) and ill be ready thank you.
    lol. i dont mind what do you use. i will trade you the pokes tomorrow as i cant do it right now
    heya i would like evd my regice, venonat and oddish. would you take a clone of each and 3 credits for doing them?
    yeah it is redis. but i'm busy eving at the moment and unless you can clone we cant trade right now as my action replay broke and i am over budget already so i am waiting untill i get paid to get a new one. but i get them for like $14 with my employee discount so its all good:)
    I forgot. It is untrained, but it has PokeRus. I forgot that I infected it. It's still at Lvl 40 with no Exp points.
    I have his Bold and modest HP Electric 70 Suicune's. They both are UT.
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