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  • What do you want for the ditto? (even if it's a trash pokemon I'll still give it a masterball to hold :)
    Okay. I am good at breeding. If you could manage to get me the male parent with Counter and Mirror Coat, I could do the rest. I'd give you semi-redis, and two credits in my shop for just the parent. I would claim it as Skippy's and Chamommy's Mudkip. I'd do one for both natures.

    I used to have one on my old Platinum cart (that I lost), that had the legit parent on it, Brave natured, but not IV bread. I have been trying to track someone down that has it, but haven't done so yet.
    Alrighty. Take your time, I'm redoing my thread soon. Once again, thanks so much for your help!
    Thats cool, I haven't RNGed a shiny in awhile, I was gona make myself a shiny Charmander as an early birthday present to me.
    This wasn't RNGed in any way, so that's why it's special to me. Awesome that you RNGed a shiny one though. I bred it because I guess I wanted to prove you can still breed awesome stuff without RNG.
    Yay!! Thanks so much! This Charmander is one of my most prized Pokemon btw. It's completely flawless except in the SpA IV.
    Nah my firewall is good, I just have connection issues sometimes. Did you see anything you like in my thread?
    You can both ev for me dude I have like 50 ut pokes
    How many can you do and finish today
    Thanks. Breeding has always been my favorite part of the game. I am picky about what I get, but it's still great.
    PM, please, so as to not risk breaking any of Smogon's rules about posting stuff about AR.
    Sorry. I was away from my computer. Tanks for your help, and no, I use AR to clone, check IV stats, and get all items, TM's PokeBalls, and Wild Poke Mod (only for EV training my Pokes). I don't use anything tha directly effects my Pokes with AR, I just haven't found a working AR code for Soul Silver to allow me to clone yet.
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