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  • Hey, sorry. Something came up earlier. I can pick up the Aipom... what am I giving you in exchange? You can have four or so credits for the project (or did we agree on something else? >_<) and if you'd like to cash in any now, that's fine.
    hey, i had to go to lunch with my parents.

    i'll get it cloned for you sometime this week, okay?
    That's ok. i don't mind about wating since im editing my trade thread :)
    ill meet you on when you're ready and palparked it
    Mmkay, I'm a little confused. If I were to loan you the Ditto, could you do the project? Or do you need me to come up with an Ambipom parent?
    Ahaha! I didn't know that the shiny RNG hadn't been cracked in Emerald... >_< I really have to figure out RNG for myself, so I don't sound like an idiot all the time. In any case, although I don't have a good Aipom/Ambipom mother, I do have a flawless Jolly Ditto I could lone you for the job. I don't have redis rights on it, so you'd have to give it back, but I can lone it to you. Would that Ditto suffice, or would you need a good Aipom?

    And yes, I can clone it for you.
    Alrighty... I'd like this done:
    Ambipom, Lv.50; Jolly Nature *shiny*
    IVs: 30-31-30-x-30-31 (Of course, I'd prefer perfect flawless, but I can take 30s in those areas.)
    EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spe
    Fake Out, Taunt, Return, U-Turn

    It doesn't need EV'd, but it would net you an extra credit, of course. Is this a project you'll be able to do?
    Great Game, man! I thought I was going to lose, half way through the Battle, but....the Battle went in "Reverse".

    By the way, nice SS Pokes. :P
    hello, i wanted to know if you could help assist me with something. i notice you have SS. could you teach my scyther bug bite? if you do, you can keep a copy of the pokemon...
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