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  1. 2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    Man United got a taste of their own medicine, very happy they went out this way.Deserved it. :)
  2. Been good, hbu?

    Been good, hbu?
  3. 2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    Torres shouldnt have gone off and Unites goal was offside.THey can win without these decisions.Chelsea deserved the win
  4. 2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    Deserved the win, that wasnt offside at all.Stupid linesman
  5. Fifa 13

    yeah but Welliton will tempt to use alot of Brazilians
  6. Fifa 13

    Everytime I played vs him he saved everything. And ew dont build brazil pace its the most common and boring team
  7. Fifa 13

    Building this, just have to get Lloris and its done
  8. Fifa 13

    Yeah TOTW* Just give it a try, if you use 3 good CBs and 2 decent DMs you should be good to go in terms of defense, its really hard for the oppo to break down
  9. Fifa 13

    Yeah 3-5-2 is the best formation atm because of all the pace teams.Reus is amazing, him and Klose have like 80 goals together. TOTY Klose has a 99 Finishing Stat which is so good
  10. Fifa 13

    Won div 1 twice with this now.Love it.
  11. 2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    Good win for LFC. Barcelona game was the best though
  12. 2012/2013 Soccer/Football thread

    Sweden.... How'd that happen
  13. Fifa 13

    I would but im not on xbox, I have 330k atm
  14. Fifa 13

    It was 5am for me :(
  15. Fifa 13

    Won Div 1 with the team above,But I got nothing in 2 packs I just bought =/