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  • Hey, Romsstar. I hear you specialize in HGSS RNG'ing. I haven't beaten the Elite Four yet, so I can't do the Elm call, and I already killed off Entei and Raikou (I'm supposed to, right?). Right now, I'm in front of Ho-oh on the Burned Tower (I have HG). Is there another way to verify your seed, or would I be better off catching it in SS?
    Hate to bother you with such an obvious question.
    I heard you have hgss sid/id combos and tutorials couldn't find them in search..
    mind linking me?
    I was hoping you could catch a Shiny Luxury Ball Rayquaza for me with a Jolly or Hasty nature. Now I've noticed you do not have a Jolly shiny ID/SID listed, and I find the IV's for Hasty too low. But I figured you might have other spreads by now :)

    If not, I'll take it for 6 credits if you wants redis rights.
    Hi, Bitterlemon gave up on the Shiny Mew CP.

    I was wondering if I may capture it instead.
    The IV's will be:

    30 / (19) / 30 / 30 / 31 / 31, Calm.

    Let me know, thanks.
    posted in your thread :) if its inactive thats fine, just curious if i should start looking for the poke i wanted elsewhere
    Hi Romsstar :)

    I posted in your thread last week, because I am extremely interested in your Shiny Modest Shaymin...

    I would truly appreciate it if you could CMT and see if you like anything..
    I have been looking for one of these Shaymin for so long! Nobody has it with a HP like you. :D

    Thank you so much!
    Hey, yeah I still want to do the banners.
    Finding it hard to get a good a pic of Mewtwo and Darkrai to edit :(
    But working on the Raikou one

    Yeah i can do the changes to the OU - would you like round corners?

    I notice your work and contributing to the forums which is awesome :)
    Oh no, you were right. I had a nice shiny Uber Ralts. lol

    Thanks. I've fixed it and the layout problems. Now, I'll just need to put them on the thread when I can. Damn, that's why I didn't had many CMTs for my HG pokes. I'd simply forgot to add them to the thread. They were just on my post in the page 54. lol
    Lol, I did that at my lunch time, once. If you wear headphones, I don't think it would be a problem. lol

    Anyway, the sprite is correct, I believe I've wrote the wrong name, actually. It is a Latios.
    Thanks, I'll remember it now. I just need to hatch the eggs so I can check the IVs, no "See Egg contents" AR code for HGSS. =/

    Great Shaymin, by the way. The only Wondercard poke I've abused by now is the jap Jirachi, but then I did 8 of it, anyway. 9, if you consider that I had to do the jolly one twice, since the game crashed just before I could transfer it to another game and reload the old save. lol
    Oh, impossible isn't true, but asking me for a shiny Calm Mew is asking me to make 200-400 new save files, hoping one of them has a good Calm shiny spread (I don't have the save game I caught the Shiny Deoxys on anymore)
    Were you reffering to me when you said:

    ''And sorry although you got some really nice things, nothing I'm particularly looking for''

    You posted that like 20 seconds after I posted so I'm confused, lol.
    I told you I am Rename Card's personal Emloop calibrator.

    Congratulations. If you need anything else, just let me know. Of course, I'll get those favours back someday, gahahahahaha!

    *Evil laugh*

    Just kidding, congratulations again.
    Maybe 39 could be a little risky, since you could easily end up in 26, though hard to happen.

    Anyway, you could go with 38,93 and see if you end up with 24 or 25 seconds.

    The trick is: when you use other delay in pikatimer, it updates only the second timer, so it can help a lot if you're trying to abuse for ID/SID in HGSS, because it'll synch the seconds for you. But for any other abuse, you need to change the first timer, to make sure the total seconds are still enough to hit your second value.
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