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  • Please clone the original and send that back with the EV'd Version. All pokemon need to be evolved if possible!! Thanks @ 2 Credits each thats 12 Credits + Bonus of 3. Thats 15!!
    Same with Conkeldurr, EVd Lv. 100
    Following pokemon I need EV trained, 2 credits per pokemon if you can clone the original, so I get the original + the EV trained one back:

    -Tentacool 252 Speed, 252 Sp.Attack, 4 Defense @ Lv. 100. Moves: Toxic Spikes, Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam.
    - Munchlax 188 HP, 104 Defense, 216 Special. Defense @Lv. 100. Moves: Selfdestruct (Already on), Curse (Already on), Earthquake, Fire Punch
    - Tornadus 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 Attack @Lv. 100. Moves: U-Turn, Hurricane, Hidden Power, Focus Blast
    - Litwick: 56 HP, 100 Defense, 252 Sp.Attack, 100 Special Defense @Lv. 100. Trick Room, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave (Already there), Energy Ball.
    - Onix, 252 HP, 60 Attack, 196 Def @Lv. 100 Stealth Rock, Double Edge, Earthquake, Iron Head. (Trade back with Metal Coat)
    - Rhyperior 252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 Sp. Def @Lv. 100 Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect, Megahorn.
    ok, NP. I just can't find my Diamond version, so I don't have easy vitamin access. When do you want to trade me Rotom?
    We'll do 1 Credit per poke. Because you can't keep them (sorry) as they're Non-Redis! I'll get you a list.
    Also do you do EV training with wings? if you do I have a couple of pokes you could EV for me, at 0.5 Credits per poke.
    I posted in your thread I also liked the Scraggy. Since I have a foonguss now can I have the scraggy for VGC as well? EV'd: 252 HP, 60 Attack, 100 Def, 96 Sp.Def
    oh, ok. Moves are:
    Hydro Pump
    Thunder Wave

    Also, I have a tyrouge I was wondering if you could evolve/train for me in a 4th gen game.
    I really don't care, but I guess speed. Do you use an AR to get those wings, or do you EV train without them? (Not like it matters to me as long as I can use it :P)
    Yeah, I'd like it leveled/EV trained if you don't mind. It's actually going to be a Rotom-W on my team. I'll need it level 50 or higher, with 252 HP/252 Sp.Att. Thank you!!!
    Yeah sure. The IVs are for a TR HP Ground set so expect that. I'll meet you in the room.
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